We're close to Hearthstone's next Standard set rotation so its time to look at see what that means for Hearthstone in 2020.

Each year around April, a new Hearthstone expansion is released and signals the start of a new Hearthstone Year - a new Hearthstone Zodia. With the start of a new year, expansions that are 2 years old get moved out of the Standard pool of cards and they become Wild-only. Basic & Classic are considered Evergreen sets which means they do not rotate out on a yearly basis, though at times problematic cards in the sets have been moved to a special, Wild-only set called the Hall of Fame.

Which Sets are Rotating in 2020?

Expansions released in 2018 are leaving Standard in the 2020 Hearthstone rotation.

Which Cards are Going to Hearthstone's Hall of Fame in 2020?

We do not yet know which cards, if any, are being moved to Hearthstone's Hall of Fame for 2020.

When Does Standard Rotate in 2020?

We do not yet have an exact date for 2020's Standard Rotation. Typically, early April is the launch of the first expansion of the year which signals the set rotation.

Which Sets are Legal in Standard 2020?

  • Basic & Classic
  • Rise of Shadows
  • Saviors of Uldum
  • Descent of Dragons
  • Galakrond's Awakening
  • Ashes of Outland - April 2020
  • 2020 Set 2 - August 2020
  • 2020 Set 3 - December 2020