We've got a brand new event in Hearthstone's Mercenaries game mode and it's here only for a limited-time! This time, we'll venture into many dangerous Bounty zones with the aid of Y'Shaarj, the strongest Old God (as well as the first to die in World of Warcraft), which already made its appearance in Hearthstone in Whispers of the Old Gods with Y'Shaarj, Rage Unbound.

Our journey won't be in search of just fame and success, but you'll be able to complete a set of 10 event Tasks, which will reward you coins for Y'Shaarj and many other goodies.

Quote From Blizzard

New Limited-Time Event: Y’Shaarj

Y’Shaarj watched enviously as N’Zoth sunk its tentacles into Mercenaries, so now Y’Shaarj, too, is coming to join the Party in its own limited-time event, starting on June 7. The event will consist of 10 special Tasks centered around the Old God Y’Shaarj. Two new event Tasks can be unlocked on each of the first five days of the event, but you have until June 21 to complete all 10 Tasks. Completing all 10 Tasks will get you the Y’Shaarj mercenary, a random Golden Y’Shaarj Portrait, the Diamond Y’Shaarj Portrait, and 750 total Mercenaries Coins. Humans and Pirates will be your best allies for this event!

Here are all the tasks that are available during the Y'Shaarj Mercenaries event. Click any of the links below to visit our guide for the task.

  1. Mountain Hikers
    • Requirement: Complete Baron Geddon Bounty with at least 2 Pirates in Blackrock Mountain.
    • Reward: 50 Y'Shaarj coins, 25 Patches the Pirate coins.
  2. Sustained No More
    • Requirement: Land a killing blow on Azshara, Tidemistress and Loyal Myrmidon in one turn in Queen Azshara Bounty.
    • Reward: Y'Shaarj Mercenary.
  3. Beach Day
    • Requirement: Complete Acolyte of N'zoth Bounty with 6 Humans in Darkshore.
    • Reward: 50 Y'Shaarj coins, 25 Reno Jackson coins.
  4. Fight Fire with Fire
    • Requirement: Complete N'zoth Bounty with N'Zoth in the party.
    • Reward: 75 Y'Shaarj coins, 50 N'Zoth coins.
  5. No Shivers
  6. Root of the Problem
    • Requirement: Complete Ursula Windfury Bounty without Ursula attacking once in Winterspring.
    • Reward: 50 Y'Shaarj coins, 50 random coins, 25 Reno Jackson coins.
  7. Rage Unfound
  8. You're a Kid Now
    • Requirement: Complete Heroic N'Zoth Bounty with all your Mercs alive in Sunken City.
    • Reward: 100 Y'Shaarj coins.
  9. Tag Team
    • Requirement: Complete Heroic Taran Zhu Bounty with at least 5 Pirates in Darkshore.
    • Reward: 75 Y'Shaarj coins, 50 Captain Hooktusk coins.
  10. Visions of Conquest

As you can see, these tasks are quite the mixed bag: while some are fairly simple to complete, others require more than a bit of thinking (and luck: that one's always welcome) and planning ahead.

Moreover, certain tasks clearly state that you need Comps consisting of Mercenaries belonging to specific races in order for your progresses to count: while the N'Zoth event was about Humans, Dwarves, Elves, and Murlocs, this time you'll need the help of Humans and Pirates!

Not all challenges might be as difficult as they seem at a glance: there are usually tips and tricks to be found to make everyone's lives easier. In this series of guides we'll take a look at how to complete each event Task, so that you'll be able to get your hands on all the rewards available. As of now, we'll focus our attention on the current task.

In case you missed them, if you click the banner below you'll have access to each of our task guides for this event.

Table of Contents

    How to Complete the "Mountain Hikers" Task from the Y'Shaarj Event

    • Requirement: Complete Baron Geddon Bounty with at least 2 Pirates in Blackrock Mountain.
    • Game Mode: Normal
    • Rewards: 50 Y'Shaarj coins, 25 Patches the Pirate coins.
    • Difficulty: 1/5

    Mountain Hikers asks us to have a little throwback and return to the Blackrock Mountain zone, where we'll have to face Baron Geddon.

    Geddon will appear on the battlefield supported by two 10/120 Ragers, resulting in a blue/green match for your Mercenaries. While the Ragers have no aura effect, the same cannot said about the actual final boss.

    In fact, Baron Geddon has an aura effect that says "Choose an enemy each turn. If it acts last in combat, deal 30 damage to it and its neighbors." - in short, make sure that all your Mercenaries have at least one fast ability, otherwise you have chances to get hit for 90 (plus possible critical damage) each turn.

    The initial state of the board.

    Starting from the boss, Baron Geddon will usually spam its signature Inferno 4, together with other standalone powerful abilities.

    Searing Strike 4 Card Image Inferno 4 Card Image Fire Stomp 2 Card Image

      Doom Charge 2 Card Image Searing Strike 2 Card Image

    At a quick glance, you'll understand that Geddon is the biggest source of problems, as it has more Health than any other unit and because both Inferno 4 and its aura effect are bound to inflict a ton of damage to your friendly Mercenaries.

    Therefore, we think that the best approach would be to build a Fighter-heavy comp, with which we'll take down Geddon immediately and we'll clear the not-so-problematic Ragers afterwards.

    Finally, here are all the Pirate Mercenaries currently available:

    While you only need two Pirates for Mountain Hikers, you can also go all in, with a full Pirate build: there would be no in-game merit in doing so, but we'd respect your tenacity!

    Suggested Comps

    Here are a few Mercenaries parties you can use to complete the "Mountain Hikers" task. You'll be able to choose between many comps, suggested by different content creators, as well as mentions of budget alternatives for our readers that don't have many Legendary Mercs in their collection.

    Out of Cards Recommendation - Orc Comp

    Fighter Orcs are a relatively cheap comp: Captain Galvangar is an epic, but both Rokara and Blademaster Samuro are free, while Thrall can be easily replaced by the freebie Grommash Hellscream.

    To prove this comp of being fit for this task, we actually recorded a video showing you that you can pull this off with ease. Consider that, in this case, we basically hit just one useful Treasure, meaning that we received almost no meaningful buff to prepare ourselves for the final fight. For example, Blademaster Samuro basically killed itself in the attempt of disposing of Geddon, but things would've gone otherwise with [Hearthstone Card (Spirit Blade 1) Not Found]. Despite all of this, we were still able to clear the final fight with not much sweat.

    Here are a few tips for those unfamiliar with this strategy.

    • There's not a specific climbing comp: you play those Mercenaries that you deem the most effective by looking at what you're up against.
      • However, it's Normal mode: your enemies are not going to be formidable, so don't worry too much about the climb.
    • For the final fight, you want to use a Fighters trio, with Captain Galvangar-Blademaster Samuro-Rokara ready to take down Geddon.
    • Try to pick as many Orc/Horde stats buffs along the way as possible: almost all your abilities imply physical attacks, so boosting your Mercenaries' stats will only make things easier.
    • Captain Hooktusk and Patches the Pirate stayed for almost the entire bounty on the bench, as you do not require them to do anything.
      • Therefore, you can slot in any Pirates you own.

    Out of Cards Budget Recommendation - Dragon Comp

    If you're short on a budget, then we advise you to exploit the sheer power of Dragon Mercenaries, which are also very cheap! Both Sinestra and Nefarian are rare units, but they carry a lot of damage thanks to incredibly efficient movesets; combine them with Yu'lon's survivability and Jade Gust 1 are you're good to go.

    To prove this comp of being fit for this task, we actually recorded a video showing you that you can pull this off with ease.

    • Nefarian-Sinestra-Yu'lon will be the comp for both the climb and the final right.
    • Alternate damage moves to healing ones, so that you won't lose any characters during the climb.
    • When you get to the final boss, focus your attention on Geddon with your green Dragons, while you can consider taking down a Rager with Yu'lon's Jade Gust 1.
    • In the clip you see above, my Yu'lon died during the final fight, but only because I decided to focus on the offensive rather than defending myself.
      • In the end, both Nefarian and Sinestra were basically unkillable, and that's all I needed to get the job done.
    • You can include any Pirate you won't: the Dragon comp will do all the job.
    • Cookie, the Cook is there because Appetizers 1 is such a good Passive ability.

    Other Resources

    Our clever community members set up a forum thread to share your Mercenaries progression journey, and we have added an #mercenaries channel on our Discord server if you want to talk with others in real-time. If you need an assist, you can also respond to this guide and we'll do our best to help you out; the comments are also a great way to share your own comps that you've used to complete the task above.

    Good luck taking on any of these Bounties for those sweet sweet coins or just for the sake of satisfying completion!