So, you want to play as a Death Knight, eh? Before you can do that, you must walk in the footsteps of Azeroth's legendary Death Knight, Arthas Menethil. Listen to his tale of vengeance, and lead the ex-Paladin to his destiny. Become the Lich King, as you complete the Death Knight Prologue!

Battle #1: Mal'Ganis

  • Mal'Ganis has 40 Health. His Hero Power is Ghoul Charge, the Death Knight's standard Hero Power.
  • He uses a combination of Warlock Demons, clearing spells, and Death Knight cards.
  • You are using a "Dude Paladin" deck, focused around Silver Hand Recruits (SHRs).
  • Maintain the pressure by using Blessing of Might on your Argent Squire. Back her up with SHRs buffed by Pursuit of Justice and Steward of Darkshire.
  • At the beginning of turn 5, you will equip Frostmourne, a 5/5 weapon. Use it to clear out any Taunts while your Squire and SHRs do the main work of defeating Mal'Ganis. He should fall quickly.

Battle #2: Uther

  • Uther has 30 Health. His Hero Power is "Equip Lightbringer", which gives him a 3/4 weapon.
  • He uses his own version of "Dude Paladin", with cards that summon and buff Silver Hand Recruits. He starts with three of them on the board already.
  • You are using a Blood Death Knight deck, focused around buffing your minions and staying alive. Your Hero Power is now Ghoul Charge.
  • Early on, your goal is to stay alive: Uther starts in control of the board, so you need to reclaim it. Cards like Noxious Cadaver and your Hero Power will help with this.
  • Use the Blood Tap and Darkfallen Neophyte in your opening hand when you have the time, to buff your minions and make them hard to remove. Eventually, your minions will be too big for Uther to deal with.

Battle #3: Sylvanas

  • Sylvanas has 30 Health, but she starts Immune due to the "Elfgate of Silvermoon" on the board. Her Hero Power is "Quick Fire", which deals 1 damage to two random enemy minions.
  • The Elfgate is a 0/15 minion, and your main target starting out.
  • Sylvanas is an Arcane Hunter, using Spell Damage to boost the power of her spells like Arcane Shot and Rapid Fire.
  • You are using an Unholy Death Knight deck now, focused around swarming the board over and over again.

  • Clear out her minions as necessary to maintain control of the board. Your target is the Elfgate, but it's not going anywhere if you need to focus on other threats. Buff your minions with Anti-Magic Shell to lessen her ability to take them out.
  • After the Elfgate falls, a 0/10 "Inner Gate of Quel'Thalas" will appear. That will need to be taken down as well before you can hurt Sylvanas.
  • On turn 5, she will equip "Windrunner's Bow". After she attacks with it, two Silvermoon Sentinel minions will be summoned, blocking your path.

  • Continue to maintain a board presence to keep Sylvanas on the back-foot. As your minions die, they leave behind Corpses that can be spent by other cards for bonuses.
  • On turn 9, you will draw your copy of The Scourge. This will fill the board with Undead: Sylvanas cannot hope to deal with all of them, so this is generally game-ending.

Battle #4: Illidan

  • Illidan has 30 Health. His Hero Power is Demon Claws, and he starts with a 3/3 Warglaives of Azzinoth equipped.
  • He is playing an Outcast Demon Hunter deck. He will mainly focus on clearing your minions with his Hero Power and spells, so his Health will deplete naturally.
  • You are playing a Frost Death Knight this time, with a heavy emphasis on damage and card draw.
  • On turn 3, Lady Vashj will summon three Naga to assist her lord: a Vicious Slitherspear, Rainbow Glowscale, and Treasure Guard.

  • Focus on clearing out Illidan's board, using your plethora of damage spells. The primary threat is the Redeemed Pariah he plays, followed by the Slitherspear.
  • Freezing Illidan's face with cards like Howling Blast and Icy Touch is a good idea, as well, considering the Demon Hunter's fondness for hero-attacking.
  • On turn 6 you will draw Overseer Frigidara, a powerful card for resetting the table and reloading your hand.
  • When Illidan's Health falls to 16 or less, he will enter phase 2. He will go back to 30 Health, and his Hero Power becomes "Demonic Blast", which deals 3 damage.
  • Your Health will most likely fall pretty low; it's inevitable, given you have no way to heal. Keep Illidan's board clear while focusing as much damage to his face as possible. This is a damage race!

And there you have it! With Illidan defeated, nothing stands in the way of Arthas becoming the Lich King.

Your reward: access to the Core set of Death Knight cards and the class itself!