The Hall of Fame rotation approaches fast and you might be wondering how to best address the situation. Don't worry, in this article we'll show you how to maximize your dust or, alternatively, add some bling to your collection as efficiently as possible.

If you only take one thing away from this article let it be that the Hall of Fame rotates on March 26th. This is before the expansion release.

What's Rotating?

Before jumping onto that craft train, let's remind ourselves what cards are rotating. The following five Classic Neutrals will join Ragnaros & co in Wild:

Acolyte of Pain Card Image Spellbreaker Card Image Mind Control Tech Card Image Mountain Giant Card Image Leeroy Jenkins Card Image

But wait, there's more! Due to the Priest class overhaul these four Classic cards will also be rotating:

Auchenai Soulpriest Card Image Holy Fire Card Image Shadowform Card Image Prophet Velen Card Image

Northshire Cleric and Divine Spirit will also be leaving Standard, but those are Basic cards and therefore uncraftable.

Maximizing Your Dust

It all boils down to Blizzard's dust compensation rule of only giving dust for the maximum amount of copies that you can use in a deck.* This means you'll only get dust for one copy of a Legendary (Golden copy as priority) and two copies of all other rarities. So, if you're only looking for that sweet sweet dust, here's how you should handle things:

Start by checking how many copies of each rotating card you have. Treat regular and golden copies as equal, i.e. if you have 1 regular and 1 golden, you have two copies of the card. Then

  • If you have two copies of the non-Legendary card, DO NOTHING!
  • If you have only one copy of a non-Legendary card, craft another golden copy.
  • If you have one copy of a Legendary card, DO NOTHING!
  • If you have no copies of a Legendary card, craft only one golden copy.
  • If you have no copies of a non-Legendary card, craft two golden copies of it.

If you don't have enough dust to craft everything in golden, you can also craft some regular copies instead. Try to maximize your dust usage as you will get all of it back as long as you don't exceed the playable copy limit!

*FUN FACT: For the Priest cards, the blog actually says "Players who own the Classic cards below will be granted the full dust refund for each." I personally doubt that they mean that (especially since the same paragraph seems to refer to the dust cost of Basic cards), but won't be disenchanting extra copies of the said cards just in case.

*Happy dust jar noises*

Adding That Bling

If you're in for something else than mere dust-y wealth, namely some extra goldens in your collection, here are the steps you should follow:

  • Craft golden copies of all non-Legendary cards until you have two of each.
  • Craft a golden copy of each Legendary card unless you already have one.

Simple! But at what cost did you achieve this marvelously shiny collection:

  • For each "upgraded" Common, you missed out on 40 dust.
  • For each "upgraded" Rare, you missed out on 100 dust.
  • For each "upgraded" Epic, you missed out on 400 dust.
  • For each "upgraded" Legendary, you missed out on 1600 dust.

Note that you will get all the dust you spent back, you just won't be getting as much extra dust as you otherwise would have. These calculations also don't take into account if you disenchanted the non-golden copies, in which case you'll miss out on a little bit less dust (5, 20, 100, and 400 less for the respective rarities).

If you have been dreaming of "upgrading" some of these cards, this is definitely the time to do it; the dust cost of of "upgrading" without the rotation bonus would be 395, 780, 1500, and 2800 dust for the respective rarities.

Just look at that shine! We know you want some.

Don't forget that this year the rotation takes place earlier than the expansion launch, March 26th! Get those cards crafted ASAP!

If you're thinking about opening some packs to get some dust for crafting HoF cards, don't forget that the rarity protection for all rarities will also come with the March 26th patch, so you may want to save the openings until that.