Keep in mind this post contains datamined content. Datamined content may not be accurate.

Yesterday a new patch was deployed to Hearthstone which prepares us for the Rise of Shadows pre-release weekend and full launch next week on April 9th. We've datamined some important information for the Rise of Shadows questline all players will get to participate in.

The Questline

There are five quests in total and they are given out in a certain order. Here they are!

  1. Play 25 Cards in Play mode.
  2. Play 3 games in Play mode.
  3. Draw 20 cards in any mode.
  4. Win 1 game in Play mode.
  5. Play 100 cards.

The Rewards

Each quest rewards a different amount of card packs. This is where things get a little funky and may not be completely accurate. It looks like we're going to be getting 12 card packs in total.

  • 2 Rise of Shadows Packs
  • 2 Rise of Shadows Packs
  • 2 Rise of Shadows Packs
  • 2 Rise of Shadows Packs
  • 4 Rise of Shadows Packs

Again, this is datamined information and is subject to change.