In a recent interview with InvenGlobal, Game Director Ben Lee and Production Director Nathan Lyons-Smith provided some insight into their thought process behind all of the major changes and additions to the game coming with the Year of the Phoenix. Here are the interesting bits from the interview.

  • The new ranked system was designed to match players against others of similar skill, something that did not always happen in the current system, especially at ranks 20-18. It aims to fix the current rank stagnation experienced by many players on the old system.*
  • There are no plans to develop a new Hearthstone client.
  • They expect Demon Hunters to catch up with other classes within a year.
  • Warrior might receive changes with regards to Charge and Warsong Commander in the future.
  • More classes are not impossible in the future. Focusing on Demon Hunter for now.
  • The team is looking at the future of Basic and Classic sets, noting some of the cards have become irrelevant over the years.

*Read up on all the changes coming to the ranked system here.

Quote From Ben Lee

When Hearthstone was in its early days and people were hoping a tenth class would be added, many hoped for Death Knights, following World of Warcraft's path. But then we had Death Knight cards in Knights of the Frozen Throne. Does that rule out that we'll ever see Death Knights as a class in Hearthstone?

Who knows? The thing is: we'll see how this goes. We'd love to hear player feedback. If players love this, then adding more classes is definitely something we could entertain in the future. Right now we're focused on our next year with Demon Hunter and the other classes. But it's not impossible, of course.