It's that ever shifting time of the week again, where I give you all the latest information on the state of the WCDC and Fan Creations scene as a whole and you all politely ignore my various eccentricities because I'm probably harmless.

This week's Conversation is one hell of a timeline.

The Prince That Was Promised

Congratulations are in order for linkblade91, who has managed to scoop up their third win with Arthas, Mad Prince in this week's WCDC!

We'll see what they come up with for the theme next week!

There And Back Again

This past week saw the return of our Fan Community Spotlight, this time focusing on the regular writer of the series, Demonxz95, and his own creation, the Time Traveler Class!

I myself took the helm for the interview this time, as even with the ability to bend time it would just be too weird for Demon to try to interview himself.

I've personally really enjoyed seeing Demon add to the class over the years. I helped run the competition that it was initially entered in, after all, and seeing how it has grown since then is great.

Make sure you check out the full link to the interview above, and the full class from there; here's a teaser of the kinds of cards it has on offer with some of my favourites.


And of course, the Hero Power is really what makes the class so interesting, and allows its keyword, Quick-Time, along with many of its cards, to not feel nearly as frustrating as they could.


It's been cool to see this mechanic make its way to Hearthstone in the form of cards like Sightless Watcher; I'd be very interested in seeing it expanded upon, because it's a fun way of increasing the skill level of the game and also helping to reduce that randomness that we tend to hate so much.

Quest Accepted

Finally, we're asking that you help us out this week by collecting 30 Bear Skins, for which we will reward you with 5 whole Arcane Dust. What a deal! We'll even throw in an extra 5 dust if you can also make a card that helps us complete more than one Quest. Check out the banner below for more information.