A little later than usual for no reason but my own inability to set an alarm, it's the article about Fan Creations that I do! Hopefully one day I'll be bought out by a sponsor or something and then I'll have some pre-packaged opener instead of having to be 'witty' and 'do the bare minimum' each week.

Conversation this week will be headed into some dangerous waters. Hope you brought a map!

A Twisted Plot

First stop on our journey is of course to congratulate Conduit, who won this week's WCDC with their New Plan! 

We look forward to seeing their plan for next week's competition!

Uncharted Territory

The Fan Community Spotlight that went up this past weekend took a dive into the murky waters of RenoLord's "Pirates of Vash'jir" expansion! We really seem to have gone on a nautical kick recently with those.

The expansion comes with its own watery keyword, Sink, which drops cards back into the depths of your deck for you to salvage them later on.

I was actually super interested when I saw this keyword, because it's another example of a spell-exclusive keyword (like Twinspell). These are few and far between in custom card design, because it's usually more interesting to design something which works on a wider variety of cards, or which works on minions, as they're easier to interact with.

I think RenoLord did a great job with this keyword, however, capturing a great flavour for their expansion while maintaining a design that's very simple to understand; too often custom keywords can find themselves carrying too much of the mechanical slack, handwaving rulings and paragraph long explanations as 'just how the keyword works'. Keywords are great tools for shortening rules text, as seen in cases like Adapt, but while Adapt would require a lengthy explanation without the keyword, what it actually does is very simple to understand.

Anyway, click the link above for the full interview and a link to the full set. Here's a few of my favourite cards from the expansion, to entice you further!


Powering Through

Now, it's time to grant yourself new powers with this week's WCDC! Hero Powers, that is. You want superpowers, you're gonna have to ask somebody else, because I ain't sharing mine.