Xbox Game Pass adds 8 New Games to the Service, Including 4 Day One Launches

As one service adds games, another announces them. We have everything that comes to Game Pass in the second wave of August, and this batch has a nice variety in terms of scope, presentation and genres. Let’s see what’s coming to Team Green!

Coffee Talk

Let’s start things off with a chill game about making coffee and listening to the stories of your patrons. You’ll meet people from all walks of life, be they human, elf, tiefling, or merman. Set in 2020 in an alternate Seattle filled to the brim with fantasy races, Coffee Talk is the kind of game you boot up after a long day at work while drinking a hot cup of tea. There’s also a coffee art minigame!

Available now on PC, Console, and Cloud.

Midnight Fight Express

Cranking the action up to 11 after the previous entry, Midnight Fight Express can be best described as a fast isometric brawler. You’re Babyface, a former criminal brought back into the underworld life by an AI drone with one mission: prevent a hostile takeover of the city by sunrise.

The game is a solo development effort by Jacob Dzwinel, who was a writer for Destiny 2: The Witch Queen expansion, and a stuntman for the 2018 God of War. The game also features over 40 tracks from Noisecream.

Available on August 23rd on PC, Console, and Cloud as a day 1 release.


A puzzle game from Zachtronics, where you must hack various objects, buildings, and even people in order to survive. This is puzzle game with a heavy emphasis on puzzle, as you’ll need to read actual manuals to know what you’re doing.

Available on August 25th on PC.

Opus: Echo of Starsong – Full Bloom Edition

A visual novel spanning galaxies about a girl who can hear sounds in space and a young man who wants to find their source. Embark on a trip trough space using a ship you’ll be able to upgrade throughout your journey to unravel this space mystery.

Available on August 25th on PC and Console.

Immortals: Fenys Rising

Ubisoft’s first original IP in quite a while, this game sees you play as Fenyx, a warrior in ancient Greece who must help the Olympian gods regain their power and defeat their mortal enemy, Typhon. The game is best described as a comedic Breath of the Wild with a Greek Myths coat of paint. The comedy lands a lot better if you’re familiar with the myths, but it’s still a good time and a nice alternative to BotW if the weapon durability got on your nerves.

Available on August 30th on PC, Console, and Cloud.

Commandos 3 – HD Remaster

An HD Remaster of the Commandos 3: Destination Berlin game released in 2003. This is a real-time tactics game where you command a squat of… uhm… commandos during WW2. The game is played in a sort of point-and-click manner, allowing you to assign orders to your troops and complete various objectives.

Available on August 30th on PC, Console, and Cloud as a day 1 title.


From the creator of Her Story comes a Full Motion Video Game about actress Marissa Marcel that starred in 3 movies, none of which were ever released… and then disappeared. Your objective is to watch pieces of the three movies and figure out what happened to her.

The game’s main feature is the ability to switch between scenes from the film on the fly, by clicking on a certain object in the video to go to another video that contains the same thing. The story was written in part by Allan Scott (Don’t Look Now, Queen’s Gambit), Amelia Grey (Mr. robot, Maniac), and Barry Gifford (Wild at Hearth, Lost Highway).

Available on August 30th on PC, Series X|S, and Cloud as a day 1 title. Noticeably, the game isn’t available on Xbox One.


Tinykin is a tiny game from Tiny Build about a tiny boy with a tiny army of tiny creatures in a not-so-tiny world (ok, I’ll stop now). The game takes the army-commanding gameplay of Pikmin and transplants it in a 3D platformer, with an art style that uses 2D sprites for the characters and near-realistic 3D models for the rest of the environment.

Available on August 30th on PC, Console, and Cloud as a day 1 title.

DLC, Ultimate Perks, and Touch Controls

The following games have received DLC:

  • Naraka: Bladepoint – Showdown, a standalone co-op campaign. It seems to be a free update regardless of whether you own Game Pass or not, and only available on the Series X|S.
  • Sea of Thieves – A Hunter’s Cry, a time-limited adventure where you join forces with other crews to save Merrick.

Game Pass Ulttimate subscribers have access to the following:

  • Halo Infinite – Pass Tense Commando Rifle Bundle, containing a “Pass Tense” VK78 Commando Rifle, 4 2XP Boosts, and 4 Challange Swaps
  • MultiVersus – MVP Pack, containing the Battle Reindog Variant, the Waterfall Banner, and the Dark Matter Ringout Effect.
  • CrossfireX – Babylon Bundle, containing an exclusive weapon skin and 1,200 CFP.

The following 16 games have received support for touch controls:

  • Chorus
  • Coffee Talk
  • Coffee Talk
  • Dragon Age Origins
  • Floppy Knights
  • Matchpoint
  • MLB The Show 22
  • My Friend Peppa Pig
  • Paw Patrol The Movie: Adventure City Calls
  • Skate
  • Star Wars: Squadrons
  • Super Mega Baseball 3
  • TMNT Shredder’s Revenge
  • Turbo Golf Racing
  • Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion
  • Two Point Campus

Games Leaving Game Pass

The following games are leaving the service on August 31st:

  • Elite Dangerous (Cloud and Console)
  • Hades (Cloud, Console, and PC)
  • Myst (Cloud, Console, and PC)
  • NBA 2K22 (Cloud and Console)
  • Signs of the Sojourner (Cloud, Console, and PC)
  • Spiritfarer (Cloud, Console, and PC)
  • Twelve Minutes (Cloud, Console, and PC)
  • Two Point Hospital (Cloud, Console, and PC)
  • What Remains of Edith Finch (Cloud, Console, and PC)
  • World War Z (Cloud, Console, and PC)

If you have any unfinished business in any of them, now’s the time to get to it.

What do you think of this lineup? Any games you want to see added to Game Pass? Let us know down below!