Hello everybody, and welcome to another Fan Community Spotlight. In this particular article, we're continuing our multi-article installment looking at Neoguli's Core set reworks. Last time, we had Warlock and Druid. This time, we have Paladin and Warrior. Obviously, I've got Neoguli here. So let's go!

What cards did you cut and why?

Humility Card ImageBlessing of Wisdom Card ImageSword of Justice Card Image

Equality Card ImageBlessed Champion Card ImageHoly Wrath Card ImageAvenging Wrath Card Image

Charge Card ImageWarsong Commander Card ImageFiery War Axe Card Image

Commanding Shout Card ImageMortal Strike Card ImageBrawl Card Image

Neoguli: Most of the cards cut were to better suit the set strengths and weaknesses of my reworked classes (stuff like Blessing of Wisdom and Holy Wrath), and some were too obsolete ([Hearthstone Card (Humility comes up to mind) Not Found]). Some cards were removed to freshen up the sets and open new possibilities, namely freeing Paladin and Warrior from Equality and Brawl respectively. And other cards were not fitting, like Blessed Champion.

There are more of your own cards here than there are last time, so let's talk about them.

Neoguli: I managed to find good art for these new cards. Most of those arts came from either WoW TCG or Might and Magic: Duel of Champions.

Heroes Never Die fits the newfound strength of playing Fatigue decks and shuffling cards into your deck, which are the most common ways for Paladin to generate cards. Paladins do not need answers immediately, as they persevere in their prayers and wait until they reward the patience. This card also fills the gap of Paladin revolving around large minions, just in a healthier way than Holy Wrath.

Imprison gives Paladin another single target removal that isn't too destructive, staying true to their virtue to let people consider their past tenses instead of killing them outright. It also works well thematically, caging a minion while you have any to watch over.

Silver Hand Enforcer gives the class permanent Secret synergy to use, and still gives you a defensive body.

Clefthoof Rider gives Warrior their Unleash the Beast, but by drawing a card instead of getting to summon another one. It's also a good tempo tool.

Exhausting Howl adds a nice stalling tool for the class, especially against minions. I imagine this could be great for Dead Man's Hand Warrior.

Gladiator's Sword serves as an AoE tool, great to soak up minions to use Plague of Wrath on.

Unlike last time, there's quite a few existing cards that got changed rather than being cut. Did these cards just work with what you wanted to do, but needed to be altered?

Neoguli: Warhorse Trainer got changed to give a better buff, but to cost even to avoid being abused in Odd decks. Enter the Coliseum got changed to add a [Hearthstone Card (Duel) Not Found] effect to surviving units, for flavor and adding a more reliable way to clear stuff without contradicting with my declared weaknesses.

What identity were you going for with both classes?

Neoguli: I opted to reduce the card draw for Paladin, but enhance the value generation to showcase that Paladin is truly religious, and is virtue and patient enough to wait for the Light to answer the call and give them blessings. I still kept their forgiving nature by not adding as destructive removal most of the time.

Warrior wasn't really changed much in philosophy except for adding card generation as their weakness, as let's say having Warriors generate so many random cards out of nowhere is not in the class' typical representation. The biggest change in identity for Garrosh was getting rid of Brawl and replacing it with Plague of Wrath to present everyone that our orc is indeed bloodthirsty.

That would do it for this part of looking at Neo's Core sets. Be sure to check them out and let us know what you think. Next time, we look at Rogue and Mage.