We're getting a huge update to Hearthstone's Battlegrounds on September 8 with the introduction of Battlegrounds Parties!

  • You'll be able to queue into Battlegrounds with more than 1 friend.
  • If you queue with more than 4 party members, you'll get your own private Battlegrounds Lobby.

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With the introduction of Battlegrounds Parties on September 8, players will be able to queue up for Battlegrounds matches with more than one other player! Battlegrounds Parties will allow groups of players to queue Battlegrounds together, and it supports a full lobby for private games!

Here’s how it works:

  • Up to 4 players will be able to queue for a normal ranked Battlegrounds match together.
  • Once the group lobby exceeds 4 players, the game type will automatically switch to a private Battlegrounds match for 5-8 players.

Climb in rating with a handful of friends or invite the