The fifth Masters Tour event of the year takes place online this weekend, with Blizzard once again granting the players just a couple of days for preparation after the latest nerfs. Over 300 players from all regions will compete for their share of the glory, prize money, and the prospect of getting an invitation to Hearthstone Grandmasters. You can find everything you need to know below.

Tournament Format

The usual Masters Tour format will continue in this tournament as well.

  • All games are played as Best-of-5 Conquest.
    • 4 decks with 1 ban.
  • A total of 9 Swiss rounds, with Top 8 advancing to single elimination.
    • Day 1: 5 rounds of Swiss, players with 3 or more wins advancing to day 2.
    • Day 2: The remaining 4 rounds of Swiss.
    • Day 3: Top 8 single elimination bracket.

Notable Attendees

All Grandmasters, the recently relegated ones included, have been invited to the event but we've had their images up on our weekly posts already, it's time for others to have the limelight! The full list of invited players can be found here.

Stream Schedule

In case your timezone isn't listed below, check out the sidebar on the official tournament site. It should display the schedule in your local time.


West Coast


East Coast






September 119:0012:0018:001:00 (Sept. 12)
September 129:0012:0018:001:00 (Sept. 13)
September 139:0012:0018:001:00 (Sept. 14)


This tournament will be streamed in Hearthstone Esports Youtube channel, as accustomed.

Day 1 Stream

Day 2 Stream

Day 3 Stream