Hey all! We've got a great update on the site that is LIVE that brings support to our deckbuilder for Hearthstone's newest game mode, Duels.

Hearthstone Duels on Out of Cards

Our first iteration of Duels support on the site is here!

  • You can now visit the Hearthstone Deckbuilder and choose "Duels" as your mode before choosing a class.
  • Duels decks created in the deckbuilder can be saved as a normal deck
    • You'll see some new stuff on deck pages that highlights your unique choices.
    • You can still write guides for Duels decks, so teach people how to play your masterpiece!
  • You can search for Duels decks in our deck listing - just change the deck type to "Duels"!

The New Deckbuilder Intro

You'll now have the ability to choose which mode you want to build a deck for when you enter the deckbuilder intro page.

  • Select the mode before clicking on a class.
  • If you don't select a mode, don't worry, we'll assume you mean to create a constructed (Standard/Wild) deck.

Duels is the chosen mode which will tell the Deckbuilder to set it up with special features.

This new mode selection will allow us to do more fun stuff in the future with the Deckbuilder should new deckbuilding challenges be created.

  • If you are creating a Tavern Brawl or Adventure deck, don't worry, we still support that! For now, it is "Standard & Wild" (or don't make a selection).
  • If you don't select a mode and want to switch to Duels later, don't worry, you can do that in the Deckbuilder itself.

Deckbuilder Changes

We've got some changes to the deckbuilder to support the new game mode!

  • Select "Duels" as your Game Format to enable special Duels functionality.
  • You'll get new tabs for Hero, Hero Power, and Treasure selection.
  • You can see your currently selected duel-specific cards above the decklist.
  • There is a new addition to deckbuilder URLs so you can share a Duels deck without saving it to the site.

Not many choices now, but Duels is only in Early Access!

Additionally, a few quality of life features have been added to the Deckbuilder.

  • If you have too many cards in your deck, we'll highlight that above the mana curve.
  • Having too many cards also will not let you save your deck anymore.
  • If you have too few cards, we'll warn you about it before you save your deck, but it isn't necessary to fill all the slots.
  • We can now load cards faster due to backend changes. Woot!

Deck Page Changes

It wouldn't be right to not have some special functionality on deck pages themselves for Duels! Although this is very basic to start, you can now see the chosen Hero, Hero Power, and Treasure very easily at the top of the guide area.

This should be helpful to get a quick look at the core choices for the deck you're looking at. Anyone that has written a guide to go alongside their deck, which is something you should definitely do, that guide will display right under these choices.

That's it for the first iteration of Duels on Out of Cards! We're looking forward to supporting the new format even further, so let us know what you would like to see on the site for it. If you've had any great runs in Duels, you should head on over to our Deckbuilder and share that list!

Things are going to get spooky on Out of Cards this weekend. The exact timing is not set in stone yet but we'll make sure there is a full week to enjoy the festivities... Stay tuned!