Reveal season for Madness at the Darkmoon Faire just started a few days ago, and just like the rest of you, I'm extremely hyped to see all the cards. While we're waiting for new cards from the real next expansion to come out though, here are some cards from a fan-made expansion. Today, I've got Pokeniner (joining the two-timer's club) here for their new 55-card mini-set called Rise of the Murlocs. As the name suggests, this is a set all about Murlocs, so if you love those adorable little amphibious killers, then this may just be the set for you. You'll even find some of your favorite lore characters reimagined as Murlocs!

Let's get started. Mrrggglggglglglglll!

What exactly is this set about?

Pokeniner: "Lorewise this was a mini-expansion set to release during my custom Year of the Hunt. Within the swamps and seas of Azeroth, Nogenfogger hid from the Dalaran Mage and encountered many Murlocs like Murrlin and Grommloc that he either fought with or against. These murlocs all have their own skills and strengths and have learned to live their own fulfilling lives in Azeroth (He also meets the king of all Murloc-kind, King Mrgl-Mrgl)."

Where was the inspiration to make a set full of Murlocs for every class?

Pokeniner: "I had always seen Murlocs adventure from the two primary classes of their tribe (Paladin and Shaman) and wanted to fully embrace the possibilities of the Murlocs expanding their simple natures to the world of the other classes."

Were there any unique challenges with adding Murlocs to classes that don't normally use them?

Pokeniner: "Definately, mainly any control class, especially Priest was a hard class to create for and I had to incorporate other possible strategies that incorporated the good tribal synergy without just being another attack face deck. Finsanity was probably the card that instantly made me think of a Res Combo Murloc set and I really enjoyed designing the cards for it like Mrglzond."

Are there any other cards you wish to showcase for any reason?

Pokeniner: "Probably the most niche yet fun card I ever made in my career was Swamp Bath which made all your minions "Murlocs." This idea popped in my head when I faced a Menagerie build in BG and thought, I think there could be a cool spell to make all your spells Murlocs, without having to change their talents, and Swamp Bath was born."

Do you have anything behind the scenes that you wish to share?

Pokeniner: "If you weren't aware, this set was originally made with the idea of using Murlocs as a tribe tie in my Return to Gadgetzan's Streets expansion, but later got scrapped and went to Elementals instead. These cards and the full expansion became a part of the custom year and eventually made a small splash with it's funny puns and cool archetypes explored."

Do you have anything else you wish to share?

Pokeniner: "As you can tell this isn't the end of the Year of the Hunt and we still have 2 more full expansions in the making to finish but I will leave you all with a fun and hint-worthy card, what is the story of this card? Where is she traveling? We will set sail near the land of Stranglethorne to find a future expansion."

And that concludes the interview. Check out Pokeniner's new Murloc-centric mini-set, Rise of the Murlocs, and let us know what you think in the comments.