Blizzard Associate Concept Artist, Tiffany Chiu, has shared concept art of the brand new Sideshow Glow card back, an early reward of the new Rewards Track progression system. First, let's see the final card back in all its glory.

The first part of any good card back design is the use of rough sketches to figure out the basic design of the card back.

As we can see, Tiffany first created 4 rough designs (1, 2, 3, 4) followed by taking the best two and fleshed them out more (A, B). We ended up with the "A" card back.

After the sketching process, it is time for implementation. This is what the card back progresses through before it gets handed off to the modelling and animation side of the team.

Tiffany had a few words to say about his card back.

Quote From Tiffany Chiu

My second card back for Hearthstone. Lots of gratitude to the art team again for their guidance!

This one was tons of fun to do and went through a relatively smooth process. It was so exciting to see the animation done by one of our 3D artists, Gen - she really took this to the next level!! Check it out in Hearthstone

Bonus: N'Zoth Card Back

Tiffany was also responsible for the N'Zoth card back which is obtainable by pre-purchasing the Madness at the Darkmoon Faire expansion. This was her first card back created for the game and we're excited to see more of her work featured on the backs of our cards.

Quote From Tiffany Chiu

My first official card back for Hearthstone! Obtained by pre-purchasing the DarkMoon Faire Bundle.

Thanks to the Hearthstone art team for their guidance! I couldn't have done it without them. It's still kind of surreal seeing this in game, sometimes I do a double-take when I see it randomly in my opponents' decks. So happy for the opportunity to finally work with such amazing artists!