Kripparrian has posted a video, ahead of today's patch notes, which details changes coming to Hearthstone Battlegrounds this week.

There's an interesting minion that appears in the video too, but we'll be waiting for the patch notes to post about it.

New Hero - N'Zoth

Bringing N'Zoth to Standard and as a cosmetic hero was not enough! The Old God has also joined the fight in Battlegrounds with a passive hero power.

Spells Arrive in Battlegrounds - Darkmoon Prizes

Darkmoon Prizes are being added to Battlegrounds and they come in the form of spells (most of the time)!

  • Every 4 turns, you get a "prize turn". You get to discover one of the spells on that turn.
  • Each prize spell costs 0 mana.
  • These have limited-time availability inside of Battlegrounds (TBA).
  • The different prize turns have different pools of spells inside of them.

Prize Turn 1 (BG Turn 4)

Prize Turn 2 (BG Turn 8)

Prize Turn 3 (BG Turn 12)

Prize Turn 4 (BG Turn 16)

December 14 Battlegrounds Reveals