Blizzard has released all the details on the progression system changes that are arriving in this week's December 15 patch.

Quote From Blizzard

We’re making several major changes to the new progression system in the 19.2 patch:

  • Reducing the amount of experience needed to reach certain levels on the Rewards Track.
    • Reduced total required XP for completing the Rewards Track by 37,000 XP.
  • Adjusting a variety of Daily and Weekly Quests that feel unrewarding or too difficult.
    • Removed ‘Finish an Arena run with 4 or more wins’ Quest. 
    • Removed ‘Play an Old God Legendary from the Darkmoon Faire 10 times’ Quest.
    • Adjusted ‘Play 50 Corrupt cards’ Quest to now read ‘Play 30 Corrupt cards’.
    • Adjusted ‘Win 7 games of Ranked Play mode’ to ‘Win 5 games of Ranked Play mode’.
    • Adjusted ‘Finish in top 2 in Battlegrounds’ to ‘Finish in top 4 in Battlegrounds’
    • Adjusted ‘Deal 2,000 damage to enemy minions in Battlegrounds’ to ‘Deal 1,500 damage to enemy minions in Battlegrounds’
    • Adjusted ‘Play two 10 cost cards’ to ‘Play one 10 cost card’
    • Adjusted ‘Play 20 Murlocs’ to ‘Play 10 Murlocs’
    • Adjusted ‘Play 6 Weapons’ to ‘Play 4 Weapons’
    • Adjusted all 800 XP Daily Quests to award 900 XP.
    • Adjusted applicable quests to count progress from Tavern Brawls and Battlegrounds.
  • Adding more rewards to certain levels of the Rewards Track and expanding the Rewards Track levels above level 50.
    • Added 50 additional Gold each to levels 27 and 30. Players who hit these milestones before the 19.2 patch will be compensated in a future update.
    • Expanded levels 51-150 to a maximum level of 350 and adjusted each level after level 50 to require 1/3 as much XP and reward 50 Gold.

For more, you can find our full update on the Rewards Track here. After these changes are implemented, your existing earned XP value will be retained, so upon your next login you will likely see additional progress through multiple levels. Please ensure that you review your rewards after updating to the 19.2 patch to see what you can now claim.

Dev Comment: Removed quests will need to be rerolled or completed. For the quests that have their requirements reduced in 19.2, if you already have progress on that quest at or above the new quota to complete, the quest will not automatically complete. You’ll need to advance that quest requirement by one for it to complete.

Hearthstone Patch 19.2

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