We've entered the new year! Realistically, not much has actually changed, but I can't help but feel a sense of release at getting through... well, whatever that last year was. Here's to a happy and healthy 2021 for you all!

Conversation this week is another short one as we gear up for the end of the WCDC Season.

Fairest Of Them All

As always we start by congratulating the winner of the latest WCDC; BloodMefist and their Shattered Memory!

We look forward to their theme, which will be the last of the Season!

Gift Exchange

We have an unusual start to the year for the Fan Community Spotlight - Frostivus's "A Boy And His Yeti" is a small set of Runeterra cards, a first for the series! It's great to see our community here expanding out to other games. After all, each game provides a unique challenge for creating cards for them, as the balance and syntax vary wildly across all card games.

One of the things that might confuse non-Runeterra players, for example, is the way cards refer to themselves - not by name, but as though they are actually speaking to the player about themselves.


I must admit I only have a passing familiarity with Runeterra myself, so while I recognise the grammar here as likely being correct I couldn't critique it as I would a Hearthstone or Magic card. That's part of the joy of learning a new game for me, though - working out the intricacies of how cards are written and figuring out how strict you need to be with them when creating your own.

Hearthstone, for all the consistently inconsistent memes, does have a fairly well established style for how to write a lot of effects; Magic nowadays is rigid and uncompromising in its card text, as is required for a game as complex as it is, but I do enjoy looking back at older cards and seeing how the language of the game evolved over time, from minor updates related to rules changes or new shorthand being introduced (like mill was recently) all the way up to headache inducing cards like poor old Animate Dead or Oubliette.

I definitely want to take a deeper dive into the card text of various games and how they've evolved at some point - if only to show people some modern Yu-Gi-Oh! cards and send them running in terror at the size of the card text. Maybe it'll be part of a future CDC, maybe I'll make it its own thing - we'll see!

Make sure you check out the full interview at the link above - it's a small set, but a very flavourful one!

Come On Down!

We end with the WCDC for this week - better click the banner quick before the Cost changes again!