Dean "Iksar" Ayala was out on Reddit tonight responding to feedback on the Hearthstone Rewards Track for Madness at the Darkmoon Fair. In his post, he gave us some knowledge on what we can expect from the next iteration of the Rewards Track.

The next expansion, the first of the year and the one that will kick off a new set rotation, will feature 100 levels in the core pass rather than the 50 we have today. This might sound like a negative at first, who wants to grind out an additional 50 levels after all, but Dean shared some additional information on that; The experience requirement isn't changing for the main pass and neither are the rewards.

Large gold amounts will go away in favor of smaller, more frequently earned amounts with no overall loss.

One of the common bits of happy feedback from the community on the update that made the rewards track have a total of 350 levels was that the pacing on the gold rewards felt really good. It should be no surprise that players want to earn rewards in short play sessions instead of having to progress towards them over multiple days as the original system worked that way. Blizzard took this feedback to heart and is making it so that the rewards in the main pass will be dished out more frequently, allowing us to collect a token of our progression faster, even if it means it might be in a smaller amount since the same rewards are going to be spread out within double the levels.

No other details are available yet on the next reward track, but Dean says once they are closer to completion, and the expansion, we'll learn more about it. Hopefully, this will be a different situation than the darkness we dove into when the first rewards track iteration was launched. Transparency will go a long way to keeping the community from getting chaotic.

What do you think about 100 levels instead of 50? Do you prefer rewards that take a bit of extra time to earn or would you rather earn them in smaller chunks, faster? Let us know in the comments below!

Here's Dean's full quote. Keep in mind that stuff in development can change!

Quote From Dean Ayala

Our latest reward track for the next expansion has 100 levels, the same amount of required XP, and the same amount of total rewards. Sounds like we're on the same page.

As we get closer to completion (and the next expansion) we'll share more details.

Update: Dean wants to clarify that things could still change with the pass as it is still in development.

Quote From Dean Ayala (@IksarHS)

Worth noting I mentioned latest version, these things go through a lot of iteration. Sharing information early always has the risk of design changes at a later date causing confusion, though I think it's still worth it to keep people in the loop.