Epic Holiday Gift for Christmas Day: Death Stranding Director’s Cut

Merry Christmas! If you haven’t been too excited by the free gifts Epic has been giving out the past 10 days or so (a bunch of them were already handed out before), well, that changes now. To celebrate this loot-filled, annual occasion, Epic Games is giving out the Director’s Cut of Death Stranding for free. Why is this a big deal? Well, for starters, the game is getting a sequel, so you know it was successful, but there’s so much more to it. Let’s do a quick intro on what the game’s about and the success it had.

This is the cinematic reveal trailer; you can find the gameplay trailer further down the article!

The Basics

Death Stranding is a game created by Hideo Kojima, a name you keep hearing every few months, for good reason. He’s the man behind the critically-acclaimed Metal Gear series and his work laid the foundation for future stealth games.

After a bad breakup with Konami in 2015, he started his own independent studio and Death Stranding is what came out.

The game stars Norman Reedus of Walking Dead fame as a courier in a post-cataclysm USA, working to reconnect various survivor colonies together through a wireless communications network. Without spoiling it any further, Mads Mikkelsen‘s in it, and you know whatever he does ends up being great.

Death Stranding was nominated for numerous awards and won quite a few of them, notably Best Game Direction at the 2019 TGAs, and Game of the Year at the Golden Joystick Awards. It’s also getting a film adaptation!

The game is free to claim only until tomorrow, roughly 23 and a half hours from now, so grab it while you can! Epic also likes to provide a hint for the next game to become free, so if you want to try decoding the following gift box, let us know what the next title may be:

epic death stranding teaser for tomorrow

Have a great, food-filled day and we’ll see you tomorrow!