Conversation continues, even in the face of a new expansion release! I suppose it did help a little that the game was being picky about letting people actually play it, so I needed to do something else with my time. 

Still a short one this week though, because I'm still knee deep in trying out new decks. Perhaps I can use the decks I'm interested in now as inspiration for future card designs? Hope you're all having fun too!

Playing Outside

Congratulations to the latest winner of the WCDC - Arkasaur and their Warpwood Ancient!

They'll be in charge of coming up with next week's theme, so be prepared!

Right To The Core

The Core Set has finally been introduced to the game - a little bit of a shaky start, definitely some kinks in the system that need ironing out, but overall a very exciting time for Hearthstone. Fans have speculated for a long time about how a rotating Core Set might improve the game, following the example of TCGs like MtG, and some have even gone so far as to design one themselves!

Such is the case with the subject of the latest Fan Community Spotlight, CheeseEtc's Custom Core Set. This set has been more than a year in the making, and we've looked at just the Priest rework in an earlier FCS that some of you may remember.

It's incredible to see the amount of thought put into this, from designing over 50 completely new cards to keeping track of where cards were being pulled from when rotating them in. I've put a few examples below but you really should check out the full interview, which has a link to the entire set. It might take a while to look through it all, but it's well worth it.

That's Classified

We end as always with the new competition this week! It's all a bit hush-hush, but you may have heard the Legends anyway...