Has everyone enjoyed E3 over the past few days? I honestly didn't realise it had started for a few days because nobody was talking about any of the games, at least in the internet bubbles I frequent. I do love these big splurges of new gaming content, because there's almost always going to be something that captures your attention and really sparks something for you. Everything is a product of the creator's experiences, so make sure you get out there and take in as much as you can. You never know what you'll be able to bring from one experience to help you in the next.

This week's Conversation is a shorter one, as I'm a bit strapped for time, as is the case far too often lately.


Oh baby a triple! That's three wins in a row for MathU, this time with their Wanderer Cho!

What will they come up with for next week's theme? Just wait and see!

At The Core Of It

The latest Fan Community Spotlight looks at a custom Core Set from GunspireGunnerKass in anticipation of a full year of custom expansions designed to work from it. It's in some ways a more challenging way to design a Core Set, trying to map out where you'll be taking the classes over the course of three expansions, but could also lead to a more cohesive and refreshing work.


There's also a lot of interesting ideas here. I like using a Core Set to give yourself a base to work from for these kinds of things - it means that in the future when you introduce synergies or expand on the mechanic, you can be sure that players would be familiar with it, allowing you to push it that little bit further than you might have wanted to otherwise.

Mak'gora, for example, shows off the new multi-targeting technology that this Core Set would be implementing to the game. It's a small thing, but once you put it on the table there's so many directions you can take it. It also just gives you another option for the future; perhaps a card you're having trouble with will suddenly find itself better represented using a multi-targeting template.

Shifting spells and Shot synergy are a couple more examples of things that you can sprinkle in as a base here, to be layered upon later. Check out the full interview at the link above to see more interesting choices like these explained in further detail, and to get a link to the full set.

Study Guide

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