Well, it seems we're getting some unexpected news about the next expansion this week! A bit disappointing to hear that Mercenaries has been delayed, but I'd much rather have a good mode that was delayed than a half-assed mode that everyone forgets about in a week. 

This week we're keeping our Conversation quiet.

Quest Complete!

FenrirWulf gets our congratulations this week for their winning WCDC entry, Nature's Resurgence!

We look forward to hearing their ideas for next week's theme!

Draconic Intervention

We're back to a more traditional topic in the latest Fan Community Spotlight - a custom Class! BasilAnguis's Scaleborn Class, to be precise.

Over the years I've seen many different people do many different takes on Hero Powers for their very own Class, and while I'm sure I haven't seen all of them I still feel confident in saying that this is a pretty interesting direction to take a Hero Power.

There are five different Heritages, all minor effects that get applied to the next minion you play. Some of them are actually quite powerful depending on how you manage to apply them, but the inherent randomness does help to mitigate any huge swings they could give a player. I like the touch of having each of them be a different Spell School - seeing such modern ideas already incorporated so seamlessly into a class makes me happy.

Seeing stuff like this makes me confident that we won't be running out of creative space for new custom Class ideas for a long time. Especially with the advent of Demon Hunter and an official 1-Mana Hero Power; it opens people up to getting even wilder with their concepts. Of course, there is such a thing as too complex, but this doesn't strike me as any more hard to grasp than Shaman's Totems, so I wouldn't be concerned about this being realistic.

Make sure you check out the full interview at the link above, which also contains links to the full card set.

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