We're fast approaching the halfway of Season 2 of Hearthstone Grandmasters with another 48 matches this weekend. Tune in as the stakes are getting higher at both ends of the regional divisions.

Twitch Drops will now be taking place during the rest of the Grandmasters Season 2! Read more here.

Grandmasters Shielded Conquest Format

New for season 2, the Hearthstone Grandmasters has moved away from the Specialist format and has introduced a new version of the beloved conquest. Here's how it works!

  • Matches are Best of 3. (Old version it was Bo5)
  • Players bring 4 decks.
  • Before each match starts, each player chooses a deck to shield. This deck cannot be banned.
  • After the shielded deck is chosen, each player bans a deck of their opponent.
  • Winning a game with your deck means it cannot be played again in that match.
  • The player that loses a game can choose to keep their current deck or switch to a different one.
  • Players are told what classes their opponent has remaining but not which one that has been selected.

You can read more about why the format changed in Blizzard's post on it. Our own mrgn0me did an analysis on the format and how players may choose to build their lineups.

Stream Schedule

Games are taking place Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. We're starting with the Asia-Pacific region followed by Europe and finally the Americas.

  • Asia-Pacific starts at 5 AM EDT (11 AM CEST, 2 AM PDT)
  • Europe starts at 10 AM EDT (4 PM CEST, 7 AM PDT)
  • Americas starts at 2 PM EDT (8 PM CEST, 11 AM PDT)

Matchups and Standings

The official Hearthstone site has you covered!

  • This week's matches can be found here.
  • The results from last week are just one tab away here.
  • Current standings can be seen here.

Don't forget that you can find the decklists of each player by clicking the i-icon of the match of interest!

Asia-Pacific Grandmasters

European Grandmasters

Americas Grandmasters

Watch Live

You can watch all the action on the official Hearthstone Twitch channel.