With a week's delay to allow the new expansion to breathe, the final Card Design Conversation of the Season is here! We'll be wrapping up everything WCDC-related and then very likely taking a break until the next Season starts. There's no set deadline for when we plan to return, but we'll make sure to post something to let you all know in advance!

Hard Bargain

Our final WCDC winner of the Season is Lundy and their Cloth Merchant!

Lundy will come up with the theme for the second competition of Season 4, so look forward to that!

Season To Taste

We of course had a special edition of the Fan Community Spotlight last week, celebrating all of this Season's winners and highlighting some fun firsts for the WCDC - did you know that we had the highest scoring card ever this Season, or the first ever solo Hunter winner?

A special thank you to Demonxz95 for putting it together, and for all his work on the Fan Community Spotlight. I think it's a fantastic way of showcasing amazing projects to a wider audience and I know a lot of work goes into each one.

There's not much more to say beyond urging you to check out the full article - I'll leave this section with a few of my favourite winners from this Season. Admittedly though, this was a really strong set of cards and it's tough to narrow it down!

ChickyChick, MathU and Lundy created my all-stars this Season - seems I have a thing for simple Commons!

Closing Time

So, that's a wrap on another Season! There's a wonderful feedback and improvements thread created by anchorm4n that I and others have been keeping an eye on - feel free to read what others have suggested there and weigh in. You can also leave feedback in the comments of this article, and you can always drop me a DM at any time (though I can't promise I'll get back to you right away!).

I want to take a moment to thank all the participants of this and previous Seasons - we obviously couldn't do this without an audience that wants it, and you guys continue to amaze me with the awesome designs you come up with for each prompt. Not to mention the prompts themselves! I hope you stick around for the next Season, and I hope to see more new winners then too - it's a delight to see someone finally clinch that top spot.

Of course I also need to thank the rest of the team, not only for their invaluable input in helping craft the themes each week but for being as active as they are in discussing card designs and submitting. I like knowing that it's not just me that loves doing this!

Life remains hectic as always, so I won't leave you with any concrete timelines and you're only getting one promise - there will be a Season 4! I don't think we'll be away for too long, but take the time to enjoy the new expansion and brew up some new ideas to stun us with.

Thank you again, and happy card creating!