We're back in action with the return of the Weekly Card Design Competition for Season 4!

As is always the case, this first article is just a short little update to let you all know that we're back. Just in time too, with the brand new Mercenaries mode coming out next week it's an interesting time to be playing Hearthstone. We'll see how well the new mode plays out, and if it's another mine brimming with Fan Creation potential.

Spot the Difference

Of course, while I've been taking a break for the last few weeks not everyone has. Demon has continued to provide some fantastic content in the Fan Community Spotlight, so make sure you click through and check to see if you've missed any of them - there's been some fantastic sets.

While all of them are worth checking out, I do want to draw special attention to the latest one, Ramunajoke's Custom Wild Set. This idea has been something I've toyed with myself, and seeing someone else's interpretation has definitely renewed my interest in trying to make one of my own.

There's just something so interesting about a set that focuses completely on Wild, however you choose to go about that challenge.

Four Seasons

Of course, the reason Conversation is back is that the Weekly Card Design Competition is also back! It's great to be back for a fourth Season (finally!), and I can't wait to see what new prompts we get. Unfortunately, due to a combination of time being spent improving the site and preparing for things like Mercenaries, and my own personal time being a lot more restricted recently, there won't be any major changes to how things are run - we have all the feedback though, and whenever it becomes feasible to sit down and work through it all we've earmarked all our favourite potential improvements to look at.

The competition that went up yesterday is an appropriately festive way to kick things off - so get in the spirits and start creating your best Brewfest cards! As always, the banner below will take you to more detailed information, so click away.