I've said in the past that an article was going to be short and ended up writing quite a bit more than I expected, but this week I truly mean it when I say it's a short one. I forgot just how much time I actually need to set aside for these, and I got sucked in to trying out Mercenaries and just... don't have any free time left this week! Not to worry - I'll just have to cook up something interesting for next week.

It's last week's winner and the next competition on Conversation this week, folks.

Two To Tango

What a great way to start off the Season - two winners!

Congratulations to Neoguli and their Kabal Bartender...

...and also to MathU and their Fortifying Brew!

They'll both be in charge of next week's theme, so look out for that!


Our next competition is pretty picky about their creatures - you know the type. Click the banner below to find out more!