How are we all enjoying the new Hearthstone update? There was quite a lot to it, depending on how many different gamemodes you play, and I've yet to experience it all myself. I'm glad to see them updating Mercenaries, they definitely need that consistent release schedule to keep interest.

Conversation this week is a bit beefier, with twice the winners to congratulate!

Top Choice

Firstly, congratulations to the latest WCDC winner, Nirast with their Wisdom or Strength!

They'll be in charge of next week's theme, so look forward to that!

Leaping Up

That's not the only winner this week though - we also had a special Oozefest competition, which was won by MrRhapsody and their Jump Scare!

We hope you all enjoyed the competition, and a special thanks to Demon again for putting it together!

Mercenary Matters

The latest Fan Community Spotlight is the first to take a crack at the brand new gamemode, introducing several Old God Mercenaries to the mode! Zozoth has taken some of the most beloved cards from Hearthstone and attempted to translate them into cool Mercenaries - and done a pretty good job in my opinion!

It's very interesting seeing someone describe the process of designing a Mercenary, because while part of Hearthstone the gamemode is truly different in a way not even Battlegrounds felt like (though admittedly Battlegrounds has leant more into what makes it unique as the game has developed, dropping existing minions and playing more with its own economy and unique mechanics).

I do actually really like Mercenaries myself, even with the rocky start, and I hope that the team can work out the kinks and push it to be the best mode it can be. I totally get why the gamemode isn't for everyone, but as someone still playing Pokemon Masters EX I've gotta say Mercenaries could be a great example of the genre if they put in the work.

Click the link above to check out Zozoth's Mercenaries and the full interview - I'd link some images here but you truly need to experience every part of each Mercenary to get the full experience, so head on over!

Team Trees

We end with this week's competition, of course - and it's all about Keywords! Find out how you can use them by clicking the banner.