Well, it certainly has been a busy week! Looking forward to seeing how the upcoming nerfs shake up the meta. Hearthstone having so many varied ways of playing it is honestly one of the best things about it; whenever I lose interest in one of them I can drift over to another, and then get drawn back whenever an update comes around. Of course, it's really the community we have that keeps me sticking around longer than any other game has, I think.

Conversation will be this time. It might even have words!

Will of the Wisps

We begin with a congratulations to the winner of the latest WCDC, Neoguli and their Wispering Sorcerer!

Look forward to their theme next week!

High Tide

We're taking to the waves in the latest Fan Community Spotlight with Mr.Stupid's "High Seas of Kul'Tiras" expansion! Grapple with Pirates as you try not to let the Tide sweep you away - and make sure the opponent ends up in a watery grave!

I must say, it's really great to see another new name for a Fan Community Spotlight. New designers are always fantastic to see, because you know there's a chance for something truly unique that nobody has thought of before. Where an experienced custom card creator might have perfect fundamentals and text that adopts all its orphans, they might just find themself getting stuck on an old idea and not seeing how it could be done a different way.

Everyone creating custom cards has stuff they can learn from each other, no matter how experienced they may be. It's why I love our regular competitions; getting to see so many different interpretations of a theme opens my eyes to just how many ideas there are out there if you just prompt them.

Make sure you check out the full interview and set at the link above!

Life Finds A Way

Make sure to tread carefully in this week's Competition - you don't want to be spotted! Click the banner below to find out what you're hiding from.