So we had a surprise announcement of the new expansion early this week, followed by an immediate jump into card reveals - an exciting but hectic time! Have any of the new ideas caught your eye as things you want to try out designing cards for? I know I've certainly seen similar ideas to the new cards that last for a certain number of turns before, and having a template for precedent now seems like it'll be ripe for new takes on it.

Conversation this week will be slipped in between reveals hopefully - no surprises, please!

Winner Winner

First, congratulations to the winner of the latest WCDC - MrRhapsody and their Overevolving Raptor!

They'll be in charge of next week's prompt, so look forward to that!

Collaborate and Listen

Another interesting expansion featured on the latest Fan Community Spotlight, this time a joint effort between Henlo and Psyclone - "Shaohao's Sha-kedown". I'm sure you can already guess the kinds of cards in store!

I think it's great to see a collaborative work featured in the Spotlight again. Hearing two perspectives on a set is very interesting, and the design process can often be quite different from a single person creating the entire set. Having a partner to shore up your own weaknesses in design and offer up novel ideas that you might not have thought of is great, and it can also just be a fun experience to create something with someone else. As much as sharing it with the world after the fact is fun, doing so throughout the process is great too.

I'd encourage people who might be hesitant to start creating their own set to reach out to friends they've made through Hearthstone to see if they'd be interested in helping out - it shifts the burden to make it more bearable for a first attempt, and just makes the whole process more fun. If you then find yourself wanting more creative control, you've learned a lot that you can put into a brand new set all on your own!

Make sure to click the link above for the full interview, and a link to the full set.

High Stakes

The Competition this week is all about cost - so make sure to bring your most expensive cards! Click the banner below to find out more.