The expansion is nearly upon us! I really should see if there's a better time I could be aiming to get these written and posted by, because we so frequently have patches or big info drops immediately beforehand that distract me. Not that I can particularly blame all that for my inconsistent schedule - life just finds new ways of annoying me every week, it seems.

Conversation this week features a custom class! Always fun to see one of those - I wonder when the next official one will be?

Top of the Pops

We begin with the winner of the latest WCDC; Wailor and their Thunderbass!

They'll be giving us ideas for next week's theme, so stay tuned!

Center Stage

The Fan Community Spotlight couldn't be shining on a more fitting target this week - the Illusionist Class created by VexMagic!

I do love seeing custom classes, especially particularly flavour-driven ones like this one. It's a lot of work to commit to creating a whole class, but I think that it's actually easier now than ever to try your hand at it if you're interested - with the introduction of the Demon Hunter, we've been given a template for how to integrate a class into the game without needing to go back and fill in cards for every expansion that has ever existed, which I found was often the most daunting part of creating a new class.

Simply pick a year you want to start in and you're off! That could even be a helpful starting point for you, as you could use the expansions of that year as a guide for how to flavour your class - what kind of character would make sense to join in this first expansion, and how would they evolve over the year?

Make sure to check out the full set and interview at the link above!


It's time to take a look at our opponent's Power in this week's Competition. Click the banner to start scanning!