It's another short one this week folks, because it's expansion launch day! On that note, I would like to ask for opinions on when I should try and get these articles out each week - I don't have the time to get them out on Monday after the competition closes, but Tuesday has recently been quite a busy day with other things happening, meaning I've had to push to Wednesday sometimes. Should I shoot for earlier on Tuesdays? Commit to Wednesdays instead? Just say screw it and post in the middle of all the other things going on? Let me know!

A winner and new competition for Conversation today - fingers crossed I get inspired by the new expansion for next week!

Challenge Accepted

Our latest WCDC winner is DestroyerR and their Reckless Challenger - congratulations!

They'll be in charge of next week's theme, so look forward to that!

U and I

We're upholding our honour in this week's Competition - though I'd hope you're all doing that anyway! Click the banner to join in.