The Hearthstone Grandmasters World Championship is almost here and with it we get to see plenty of decks from the best players! We've already put all of them into our database, so you can give them a try yourself or use them to your advantage in any friendly predictions. There is no official Choose Your Champion competition this time around, but that's not going to stop anyone from picking and cheering on their favorites. 

Here is a quick visual list that we've already mentioned in passing, with all the detailed 30 cards similarities and differences between the individual decks to be found further below. You can decide how expected or surprising some of these choices are - just remember, tournament lineups follow their own set of rules and are best viewed as a cohesive unit! 

Hearthstone World Championship 2021 Archetype Breakdown


Hearthstone World Championship 2021 Class Breakdown


Most Popular Legendary Cards

Il'gynoth Card Image
7 of 32 Decks
Final Showdown Card Image
7 of 32 Decks
Shadowcrafter Scabbs Card Image
7 of 32 Decks
Mr. Smite Card Image
7 of 32 Decks

Most Popular Epic Cards

Mo'arg Artificer Card Image
9 of 32 Decks
Eye Beam Card Image
7 of 32 Decks
Garrote Card Image
7 of 32 Decks
Secret Passage Card Image
7 of 32 Decks

Gaby's World Championship 2021 Decks

0 6280 6280 1334 0
0 4720 4720 1047 0
0 6800 6800 1596 0

Frenetic's World Championship 2021 Decks

Glory's World Championship 2021 Decks

Posesi's World Championship 2021 Decks

McBanterFace's World Championship 2021 Decks

Nalguidan's World Championship 2021 Decks

Tianming's World Championship 2021 Decks

Xiaobai's World Championship 2021 Decks

Will Glory be able to defend his current champion title? Will Gaby live up to all the hype? Do you believe somebody else is bound to take it based on their decklists and skill? Give us your best takes!