Well, it looks like the next patch will contain some pretty big shake-ups for pretty much every mode - don't worry Arena fans, I'm sure your time is just around the corner. I especially like the changes to Battlegrounds; the new Buddies seem like a great additional balancing knob for them to tweak, and they double as a great additional creative outlet if you're interested in making custom Battlegrounds content. If I had the time I'd love to look through every hero and design my own alternative buddy for them, just to see how challenging it would be to come up with something unique.

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To The Moon!

Congratulations to the winner of the latest WCDC, Jhamel and their Blast Off!

They're in charge of next week's theme, so wait and see what your mission will be!

Monkey Business

The Fan Community Spotlight turns its attention to a custom class for one of the two WoW classes not yet implemented in Hearthstone - Pokeniner's Monk Class! Sit down, have a brew and take some time to plan your next turns with Lorewalker Cho.

One thing I love about this class that I immediately noticed when skimming through the interview the first time was how neatly it incorporates ideas from a few of the existing Pandaren cards into its identity. I don't know how intentional it was, but there's a theme of bouncing cards just as Youthful Brewmaster and other cards do; the Hero Power drawing cards feels like an acceptable interpretation of cards like Pandaren Importer or Lorewalker Cho which generate you new cards entirely.

Of course, Monks have a lot more to offer than just what little we've seen Pandarens in Hearthstone do, and this class also covers a bunch of those aspects too. Make sure you check out the article at the link above to get an insight into the design process and for a link to the full set!

Final Encounter

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