I sometimes forget how many things need to get done around the start of the year, and yet somehow it's also already February. The next mini set is creeping up on us, and then after that our first big rotation since the introduction of the Core Set! So much to speculate about that might happen - I can't wait to see where we go next and what new interesting mechanics they give us to play around with.

Conversation this time has me join the winner's circle!

Big Shot

It's time to congratulate the winner of the latest WCDC... and it was me, with a Back Alley Bargain!

I suppose that means I'll be coming up with next week's theme - hopefully you all enjoy it!

Core Approach

I mentioned the Core Set in the little intro, but I have been thinking about it a lot recently. It was a huge change for Hearthstone that was honestly a long time coming; many content creators had expressed the need for something like it to push the game forward, and there was definitely a niche in the Fan Creations community of redesigning the Basic and Classic sets for classes (before we knew something like a Core Set was on the table).

One of my favourite aspects of the Core Set was how it was unafraid to create completely new cards to fill in gaps that existing cards weren't meeting. Part of that is because it shows a level of care and attention being put towards the product, of course, but to be honest it's really because it opens up so much space for custom card design ideas.

Whether you're just creating a Core Set or designing an entire Hearthstone year, having the freedom to mix your favourite existing cards with entirely new ideas is so fun. I think it's also a great starting point for anyone looking to do a larger fan creations project. Not only do you have plenty of options in game to build out a class to your liking before testing out your own creations, but it's also a great way to get a better understanding of each of the classes, which will help you in future projects.

With the new year coming up, it's the perfect time to try and channel Apollo and predict the next Core Set!

The Dragon Descends

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