How have we been enjoying the new cards so far? It's not been that long that they've been out, so I haven't had a chance to try them in Constructed yet, but they've been very fun for a few Duels runs. Now is about the time I start actively achievement hunting too, which means I'll be messing around with them a lot - I love getting a new load of little tasks midway through an expansion, makes for a fun way to spice up the game whenever you're feeling a bit bored.

Conversation this week is the second to last of the WCDC Season! I normally take a break from everything between Seasons, so I can see you all refreshed and ready for the next one - which hopefully won't be too long away.

Lessons Learned

I ended up winning the latest WCDC with an Introductory Lesson, joining the ranks of those who won their own theme!

I'll be coming up with the theme for the start of the next Season of the WCDC, whenever that may be.

Round Table

We head north to the icy Frozen Throne in the latest Fan Community Spotlight, where the head of Dank's Custom Death Knight class resides. Arthas Menethil, one of the most iconic Warcraft characters and one whose addition to the game's roster of classes is hotly anticipated.

With the addition of Demon Hunter to the game, the floodgates were opened to speculation about the next class that would make it in. Would it be the original new addition, the Death Knight? Would the Pandarens take the spotlight and get Monks added first? Could it even be an entirely new class, specifically created for Hearthstone like so many Legendaries have been?

It's anybody's guess which will be next. We've had various statements from people working on the game about the challenge of adding even one new class to the game - Demon Hunter might not even have been a permanent addition at first! - and adding more on top of that will only increase the difficulties. That's one of the fantastic things about creating Custom classes; all you have to think about is creating the most fun, interesting class you can, taking balance into account if that's your thing, without all the worries of how you'd add it to the game or - heaven-forbid - how you'd monetize it.

You can certainly follow the example set by Demon Hunter when designing a custom class and imagine how it would be added with an Initiate set and additional cards over the course of a Hearthstone year, but I also find there's a lot of nostalgia to be had in designing cards for a class for all the previous expansions of the game. A daunting task, certainly, but a rewarding one too.

Whatever your preference, Death Knight and Monk are great classes to start with due to the wealth of existing inspiration to draw from. Make sure you click the link above to see how Dank took it on in the interview, and to see the whole class!

Heart To Heart

It was Valentine's Day on Monday, which made it the perfect day to find some matches for lonely Standard cards! Click the banner below if you think you can come up with the perfect card to help your pet underused card finally see some play.