Hello everybody and welcome back to another Fan Community Spotlight. This week is a continuation of last week's installment where we took a look at a culinary-themed old set from Frostivus made back in 2018, Around the World in 80 Meals. The set featured today is a set that was released at the beginning of the month called Aletta's Kitchen. You may remember that nine months ago, I did an installment of a game mode made by Frostivus also called Aletta's Kitchen that has sadly been dormant in development since that article. Don't be confused by the same name, as this is a custom expansion in the traditional way that you'd normally expect to see.

Aletta's Kitchen is a continuation of Around the World in 80 Meals accessed on the same page as that expansion, and cards from both sets can be filtered out. The Mix keyword from the previous set returns, but introduced in Aletta's Kitchen is the brand new Recipe mechanic. Recipe cards are cards that give you multiple options and returns to your hand with the options you didn't pick remaining.


What exactly is this set about?

Frostivus: "It’s a set focused around the different cultures of food across the world, synthesized and fused as harmonious delicacies.

Aletta’s Kitchen explores themes of experimentation and unique creativity. Cross-class card make a return, giving players new ample design space to view old archetypes in a different lens, while also creating wholly unique ones. Freeze Shaman makes a return, bolstered by access to Mage-centric cards, while also gaining a new spin on Evolve as they and Druid find new common ground with transform mechanics.

In addition, the new mechanic, Recipe, is modularly versatile, and will test player’s skill in sequencing the right order of play. Mix and match, for there are many ways to cook a soup! Aletta’s Kitchen seeks to reward players that are creative and unique.

‘Feed’ is a new softer theme that is being introduced in Aletta’s Kitchen. Some minions enter the battlefield and give players a new option to use their cards as food. By dragging cards into the minion, they can trigger certain new events or buff those minions for absolutely free."

How does this set connect to Around The World in 80 Meals?

Frostivus: "Aletta’s Kitchen, formerly known as Around The World in 80 Meals II, was a direct sequel to my favorite titularly-named fanmade set. It’s a continuation, almost a catch-up ‘where are we now?’ for the story of the main character Aletta Springcutter that was featured almost 4 years ago.

Back when she travelled across Azeroth as a young culinary student, she has since opened up her own restaurant, synthesizing everything she had learned.

Left = Aletta 4 years ago (from Around the World in 80 Meals)

Right = Aletta today (from Aletta's Kitchen)

How Aletta, Back On The Road works is that she runs an algorithm through a hierarchy of priorities to find you a ‘similair’ card from older sets. For example, if you drew a Spawn of Deathwing, she will net you cards like Deathwing, [Hearthstone Card (Deathwing Dragonlord) Not Found], or Deathwing, Mad Aspect.

This goes arbitrarily down by order of name, card effect, description, type, cost, and stats, etc. A Loot Hoarder could get you a Polluted Hoarder, for instance.

Furthermore, you’ll find expansions of old themes from the set 4 years ago, like the ‘Pauper deck theme’ from Paladin, or the Armour Dragon from Warrior. The old ‘Mix’ mechanic is even featured on a Legendary."

What is your inspiration for Recipe?

Frostivus: "Recipe is inspired from some of Hearthstone’s more interesting card mechanics like Twinspell and Choose One. I enjoy the simplicity and depth of their design. How Recipe works is that it’s effectively a Choose One that when played, it returns to your hand with the remaining unpicked options.

Something I focused on was creating effects that not only synergized with each other but could also have completely varying and dynamic effects depending on which you played first. Some Recipes are quite simple, but as always, there are some crazy experimental stuff in there as well:

Simple Recipe cards

And some with a twist of their own"

How would you say your design philosophies have changed in the time between Around The World in 80 Meals and this set?

Frostivus: "A lot about Hearthstone has changed in 4 years. Cards have definitely power-creeped, and class identities have changed often. Old design taboos have been broken to push for new archetypes.

Generally speaking, Team 5 have done a good job making some crazy concepts like Zephrys and Secret Passage.

While my principle to design things that continue to push the boundaries of design space remain steadfast, I find most of my cards are now much stronger. In general though, I haven’t really learned any new tricks."

Are there any other cards yo wish to point out for any reason?

Frostivus: "Some highlights of the new cards in Aletta’s Kitchen. There are tons more crazy concepts in each class."

Do you have anything behind the scenes you want to share with us?

Frostivus: "Demon Hunter inadvertently became the ‘fast food pizza chain class’. Riot Games fan artists had a lot of Delivery Girl Akali pictures for me to use. It was very fun using them for a thematic story across the class cards about a random speed demon."

Do you have anything else you want to share with us?

Frostivus: "Visit the official website!"

I hope you enjoyed this special two-parter covering both sets and hopefully it satiated your appetite for new cards with the new expansion soon to hit the tables. You can access this set as well as Around the World in 80 Meals by clicking the banner right below. Or the link right above. Just about anywhere really. You're getting a two-course meal for the price of one and that sides like a pretty good deal to me!