It was almost two weeks ago when a surprise small patch 22.4.3 arrived on a Thursday (which is not nearly as common as Blizzard's ever favored Tuesdays), and due to a delay to the awaited big reveals we might be seeing another - this time major - patch 22.6 finally go live later today. But before you start packing all these underwater provisions, make sure you have also collected your deserved handful of arcane dust! 

It's only two cards that are eligible for full dust refunds this time around, and one of them is a Legendary; so taking a final look at one's collection should merely take a moment. There will be no better time to consider disenchanting these suspects from the recent Onyxia's Lair Mini-Set:

The above cards should all remain disenchantable for full arcane dust value at least throughout most of today. Quite possibly even slightly longer than that - over the past year we have witnessed these dust refund windows being extended for more than 24 hours (possibly to account for various timezone differences or allow forgetful players that one last chance). But it's best not to take any chances in case a big patch goes live and instantly removes this opportunity.

Quote From Blizzard
The cards listed above will be eligible for a full dust refund for 2 weeks after the 22.4.3 patch goes live.

Smuggling Dragons in Alterac Valley

As always, it's fine to disenchant all eligible cards first and ask questions later. Nothing is getting lost in the process when you can always recraft them for the same amount of arcane dust that you've gained. With the new huge Standard rotation just a few weeks away, who knows what might end up seeing play. 

In this particular case, both cards are tied to Fractured in Alterac Valley packs, but Kazakusan is a Legendary and having more than one copy is very unlikely - unless you've been opening the packs before purchasing the Mini-Set and somehow got very lucky, or bought all Golden copies as well. On the other hand, SI:7 Smuggler is a Common, so there's been a far greater chance of collecting several of them until now.  

When it comes to their current usefulness, Kazakusan hasn't really noticed the loss of LOCUUUUSTS!!! all that much. Still the best card in Ramp Druid and Control Warrior, it's been seeing even more play in Demon Hunter recently. SI:7 Rogue did suffer from the SI:7 Smuggler change and has dropped off in popularity (largely moving back to Mr. Smite and Edwin, Defias Kingpin variants) - no great surprises there. 

Kazakusan Card Image SI:7 Smuggler Card Image

Refund Query in the Collection Manager

The option has been with us for over half a year now, so it's probably already well known and no longer warrants being called a 'recent' feature, but just in case: no need to manually type in card names and look for eligible items one by one - now using one simple command will list everything all at once. 

By typing 'refund' in the card collection search box, you are able to easily locate the cards in question and decide whether or not to pull the disenchanting trigger. And if you press the 'crafting' button alongside it, the game will also show you any 'refundable' cards that you currently do not own - which can be useful when you wish to craft and then immediately dust off something in order to trigger duplicate protection (mainly for Epics or Legendaries you don't have and wouldn't want to pull from packs in the future). Also handy for testing something 'for free' for a couple of weeks. As long as you don't forget about it later! 

Quote From Blizzard
Searching “Refund” in the Collection will now populate with cards eligible for a dust refund.

P.S. Sometimes you may encounter a rare bug where refundable cards don't show as such or don't display full arcane dust returns, even though the refund window is still active. Always restart your Hearthstone client and double check again in such cases.

Did you remember and got to store away a decent amount of arcane dust this time around?