Hello everybody and welcome back to another Fan Community Spotlight. We've gone quite a while without seeing any new cards and the final reveal stream is in 2 days from now. I can tell that you're all dying to see what the remaining cards are, so let me ease the wait for you with a fan-made project.

This week, we're taking a look at yet another Duels project, which has become quite popular ever since the previous Duels installments I recently did here. Seems like my job is working! For this installment, we're taking a look at a crossover project as we're covering characters from Elden Ring made into playable heroes for Hearthstone's Duels mode. And yes, I said characters in plural form as we have not just one Duels hero to look at, but three of them! The characters in question are Malenia, the Severed, General Radahn, and Ranni, the Witch, of which are represented as Rogue/Druid, Warrior/Mage, and Mage/Warlock dual-class heroes respectively. This project was made by MrRhapsody, being interviewed on the series for the fifth time total.

You've got quite a few heroes for us. How were you inspired to design them in the way that you did, and how did you arrive on your current Hero Powers and Treasure cards?

[spoiler text="Malenia, the Severed's Hero Powers and Treasures]

[spoiler text="General Radhan's Hero Powers and Treasures]

[spoiler text="Ranni, the Witch's Hero Powers and Treasures]

MrRhapsody: "The main inspiration to design them was the recent fan community spotlights. Seeing the heroes created by the community, I realized that Duels heroes is a great way to put characters outside the Hearthstone/ WoW universe into the game. The fan creations community always enjoyed making these crossovers on their cards, but there were always a problem with them: They didn't properly import all the character's ability to the game, only one or two, there's simply not enough space in the card design to do that. But with Duels heroes (or even Mercenaries), it's another story, you have 9 different spaces to design, the 3 Hero Powers, and the 6 treasures, and thanks to that you can properly put all the characters skills, weapons, companions and lore inside Hearthstone with no problem. Realizing that, I decided to get back from my "Hearthstone vacation" and design some Duels heroes featuring the demigods from the game I'm currently playing, Elden Ring, which I intended to make some Hearthstone related fan content even before the game came out.

And now about the Treasures and Hero Powers, oof, I really wanted to give a deep insight for them here, but there's a lot of stuff to cover right? So I'll just give a general overview of them. All of them were designed around the character's boss fights, lore or questlines, for example, Meteoric Entry by General Radahn, it's based on one of my favorite moments of the game. During his boss fight, when he reaches half health, he charges up, jumps straight to the sky, disappear for 10 seconds, and then drops on you like a freaking meteor! Killing you and all of your allies instantly if you don't pay attention. I remember my reaction to this precisely: "Oh no, he's at half health, he'll go into second phrase now, right? Oh, he jumped to the sky!…wait… the health bar disappeared… the music stopped…did it bugged?…why did it suddenly turn night?…what's that noise……..HOLY SHIIIIIIIIIII (You died). All of them translates these Elden Ring moments like this to Hearthstone, but once again, no in depth analysis for each to save space."

What is the thought process behind translating the aspects of a completely separate game into Hearthstone?

MrRhapsody: "I think the main thought I had when making those heroes was "compare and adapt". Let's take Malenia for example, she's by no mean a druid nor a rogue, she's not stealthy, she doesn't steal anything, she doesn't turn into animals nor throw plant at her opponent's, in fact, she plays her own class in the game, but if you can compare her in game abilities and lore to Hearthstone's you can see why I design her as a Druid/Rogue. Her main weapon is a prosthetic katana, which causes you to bleed, steals your life and is fast as hell! Which Hearthstone class is known for being fast and do a lot of stuff in one turn? Yes, rogue, and another gimmick she is famous for is the Scarlet Rot, a fungal like disease which acts like a poison on one's mind and body, and she reaches the goddess of rot stage, she grows plant wings filled with fungus and butterflies. Fungus, plants, butterflies, which is the best Hearthstone class to represent those aspects, oh right, Druid! So when you see Malenia's class, don't see her as a Rogue/Druid, see her as her own class which can be interpreted as Rogue/Druid. This is another great aspect of Duels heroes, you can mix two classes to create a new one specific to your character, Ranni is not a Mage nor a Warlock, she's a Witch, but can be interpreted as a Mage/Warlock, Radahn is not a Warrior/ Mage, he's a Warrior which occasionally uses magic, but the dual class system allows us to explore the entirely set of a characters' ability without missing flavor. Compare, adapt and make, take notes fellow creators."

Do you have anything behind the scenes that you wish to share?

MrRhapsody: "Yes! There are more demigods coming to the thread, I'm just waiting for more fan art to pop off since there's not a lot yet(Hence why I used some shitty PNG's to portray some treasures and hero powers here), A lot of their Hero Powers and Treasures are already designed in my mind, It's just a matter of time. Here are some spoilers for them (And by spoilers I mean actual Elden Ring spoilers, DON'T LOOK IF YOU'RE STILL PLAYING THE GAME!)."

Show Spoiler

Do you have anything else you wish to share?

MrRhapsody: "I want to say that this is my first attempt at making duels content, and I must say it was quite fun and refreshing! Not having to worry about balance is a hell of a relief, like, I know how powerful stuff like Corporeal Death can be with cards like Alexstrasza the Life-Binder, but I don't care, everything in Duels is broken, and if something get way out of control, they just ban the card, giving much more space to design, I welcome everyone to try to make custom content for Duels, specially if you want to make IP crossovers, we need more custom content in the community, I hope inspired you reader to make some! And lastly I want to say that I was making a custom expansion, but I had to put a pause in it, it just stopped being fun for me to make it, however I already have 95 cards made for it, I'll probably come back to it eventually, we'll see. And that's all for now, thank you for the spotlight and the readers, see y'all soon."

There we have it for this one, folks! I hope you enjoyed this little crossover adventure. But while this article may have shown all the heroes and what they can do, there is more information and lore to be found on the project's forum thread which you can access by clicking the banner below. See you all in the next installment!