Hello everybody and welcome to another Fan Community Spotlight. You may be aware that Blizzard recently announced a new class for World of Warcraft, the Evoker. What would be more fitting than to talk about a custom class for the first installment since the announcement? Dragoon? Not quite, but that should be coming later. Today we've got VexMagic with us for the third time to talk about a new class, the Soul Warden. If it feels like Vex was with us only two weeks ago, that's because she was with us two weeks (and one day) ago when we showcased The Alchemy Symposium.

Like a few other classes I've shown off on the series (including Vex's previous class, the Illusionist), this class is in early development with only the Basic and Initiate-like set available to show at the time of this article being published, totaling 30 cards. There is also no starting point in Hearthstone's timeline where the introduction of this class currently sits in However, I thought that similarly to those classes, there is enough material to work with to make a good installment that will interest the viewers. The door for this class to receive more installments on this series at a later date in time is always open.

The Soul Warden

As a Soul Warden, your base hero is Erick Arcthorn, a rather dapper-looking gentleman who has a bit of a mysterious side to him. The Soul Warden class as a whole is a magic-focused class which seems to be mostly based off of Mage and Priest, but features an identity all of its own. The class, unlike Illusionist, also does not use its own keyword.

Your base Hero Power is Soul Touched, which is a 1-Cost Hero Power that follows the same design space as Pokeniner's Monk Class in that it only has an effect every 2 uses, but in exchange, you get an effect most powerful than you would normally get. In the case of Soul Touched, every second usage of the Hero Power deals 2 damage. In its upgraded form, Spirit Touched, it deals one extra damage when it triggers.

This class is quite unlike any other custom class I've seen, and we'll need VexMagic to tell us exactly how everything happened. Fortunately, she's just right here and now she'll be the focus for the rest of the article.

Give us an overview of the class. What does it do good at? Where does it falter? Which cards give us the best first view of the class?

VexMagic: "The class is tactical and very good with direct face damage and healing but has problems sticking many minions onto the board. Additionally their ability to deal with large boards is limited."

What initially gave you the idea to make a Soul Warden class? Does it have any connection with the Illusionist class?

VexMagic: "I wanted to make a class that utilized different runes for temporary passive buffs but realized later that it was too similar to the Death Knight from WoW. I eventually reworked the class into a tactical combatant who used the powers of its soul and the souls of others in combat. Which naturally leads into the theme of a Grim Reaper type class.

I wanted to make a class that was as different as possible from my previous Illusionist class but they ended up sharing a bit more in common than I’d like. I was planning on making Soul Warden closer to Warrior or Demon Hunter but it became more similar to Paladin."

Are there any other cards you wish to point out for any reason?

VexMagic: "Glyph is a class mechanic I added instead of a Keyword and here is also a few deathrattle synergy cards."

Do you have anything behind the scenes you want to share with us, or perhaps a sneak peak of what's next to come?

VexMagic: "Don’t currently have anything to show but I’m slowly working on an Evoker class after the recent WoW expansion reveal. And I’m also working on translating the Soul Warden class into a DnD 5e class."

Do you have anything else you want to share with us?

VexMagic: "Nah."

Here we are at the end of today's article. Let us know what you think in the comments below, and I'll see you all in the next installment. You can also click the banner below to see the entire class if you're interested (and we all know that you are, so you should just click it already!)