Welcome back everyone! Card Design Conversation returns to keep you up to date on everything Fan Creations on the site. It's... been a bit longer than I expected, and I can only apologise for that - sometimes life just happens, y'know?

The Dredge Sea

Of course, the reason I'm back to updating you all is that the Weekly Card Design Competition has returned! Our first competition is a theme of my own making, and I figured we could use a good ol' classic to get everyone back into the swing of things. As such, you'll be taking on the task of designing some lovely Dredge (or Dredge synergy) cards to celebrate the most recent expansion release.

Click the banner like usual to cast off and start trawling for ideas!

Pending Changes

Some of you might be wondering if there's anything different about this Season, so I'll be up front and let you know that there's been no changes to anything between Season 4 and Season 5. I'm sure that's a little disappointing for some of you to hear, and trust me, I'd have liked to go over and see where we could improve as much as you all, but I do think that what we have right now is a fantastic system in its own right.

The reason that we took such a long break before Season 5 was in large part due to me personally having a pretty terrible March, which led to me stepping away from much of the internet to try and recharge. I didn't really communicate that very well though, and obviously we had a new expansion being teased and released in that time, so WCDC things went on the backburner a little while everyone was more focused on the great content we were putting out for that, as well as all of the other improvements to the site and other games that we cover.

I've only really returned as of last week, and I wanted to get us into a new Season right away, which meant no changes this time around. However, I want to be more proactive in looking for stuff to improve next Season, so we'll be talking about it during this Season instead of leaving it for afterwards as we've done before.

We haven't decided yet if or when we'll have a specific thread dedicated to feedback, but feel free to leave suggestions in the comments here.

Return to the Spotlight

I mentioned our other great content before, and it would be remiss of me not to direct you towards the many Fan Community Spotlights that have gone up while CDC has been away. Demon has been showing off a ton of fantastic creations from across all aspects of Hearthstone - you'll see custom classes, custom Duels content, even the occasional custom Mercenary for those of you who still dip in there every now and then.

Hope you're all doing well! Go check out the FCS and the WCDC, and I'll see you all again next week with our first winner of the Season!