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Started From The Bottom

Congratulations to the latest winner of the WCDC, Demonxz95 and their Watcher of the Deep!

They'll be in charge of next week's theme, so be prepared!

Rumble Rerun

The Fan Community Spotlight turns its attention to a very interesting concept in its latest article - KingKuba has created not a completely new set, but an entirely Remastered Rastakhan's Rumble Set, featuring the inclusion of Demon Hunter in both the set proper and Rumble Run, as well as the rebalancing of many cards from the set.

I think that this is an amazing idea for a project. Rastakhan's Rumble is a set with a great deal of flavour - and one of the best trailer songs in my personal opinion - but suffered from a shift down in power level that means many of the cards are interesting, but not good. Taking a look at it under a more modern lens and trying to tweak it seems like a super fun challenge.

It's also something that we could feasibly see happen to some cards from it in the future, though not in a full expansion. I'm of course talking about Core Sets, which could choose to rotate some old cards in but buff them up a little to be more relevant. Hell, some of them might not even need it if you provide the right package around them, but some of them definitely would.

If you're ever looking for a project to take on, take a read through this and then think of another set that you might want to take on yourself. My personal suggestion would be The Grand Tournament, now many years old and notoriously underpowered. Even just taking a look at an old bunch of cards with a fresh set of eyes and an updated idea of how the game has progressed in mind could lead to some very interesting ideas. How might you design something like Blackrock Mountain nowadays? You might even design a full set with the Adventure being the mini-set equivalent!

It's rare that the actual game gets a chance to go back and revise cards, but it's one of the things we as fans speculate on all the time - whether its as simple as predicting upcoming nerfs or wishing for buffs, to as grand a project as this. Make sure you click the link to check out the interview and the full set!

Twice As Nice

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