Surprise balance changes this week? Well, perhaps not surprising that they're wanted, especially for Battlegrounds, but surprising that we're getting them without much build-up. I always view these waiting periods as a fun little Fan Creations exercise - the community generally has a good feel for most of the cards that will be hit, so you get a chance to flex your creative muscles in coming up with interesting (but weaker) takes on the cards if that's your cup of tea, while also getting to try and accurately predict the more sensible actual nerfs. It's a good way to gauge how actual cards are designed and balanced, which you can then take forwards to your own designs!

Anyway, Conversation this week isn't about any of that - we have much more exciting things to look at!

Red Breath Redemption

We start with a congratulations to the winner of the latest WCDC - Loknax and Alexstrasza the Red!

Look forward to the theme they come up with for next week!

Full Marks

The latest Fan Community Spotlight is a huge milestone - the 100th edition! Huge thanks to Demon for consistently giving us such fantastic Fan Creations content, and of course to the many creators who've been featured across the series' lifetime.

Seriously, without the support - and occasional reminders about the time - from Demon and the rest of the team none of the Fan Creations part of the site would be the same. Speaking of which, Demon recently made a feedback thread for you guys to discuss potential changes we could implement to the WCDC - I'll make sure to include a link to it every so often so we get multiple viewpoints.

In a fitting celebration of his hard work, this special Spotlight takes a look at one of Demon's own unfinished projects - an entirely new card game! This is obviously a massive undertaking, and while unfinished (at the moment, anyway) and a little rough around the edges, I can't help but be impressed at the amount of work and thought that's gone into it. I do find that folks that are into Fan Creations tend towards being creatively minded in other areas too.

Just showing you a few example cards really doesn't do the game justice - you haven't even seen the gameboard! - so I do encourage you to click through and read Demon's thorough explanation of the core mechanics and design process. 

Here's to the next 100 Spotlights!

Magic in Multiples

Speaking of Demon, it's his theme for the WCDC this week! Click the banner to learn more about diversifying your spell and minion types!