Welcome all to a new Fan Community Spotlight. Yesterday, we celebrated Out of Cards' third anniversary and announced some pretty huge news, and we're also currently in the middle of revealing the Throne of the Tides mini-set for Voyage of the Sunken City. Let me give you something to fit both occasions, that being a brand new fan-made set to showcase. This time, we've got Food Fight at the Feastutorum by Mr.Stupid, a set exploring all around the culinary world. The set takes place in the Boomsday Labs, where the labs themselves seem to have gone out of commission, and Whizbang has transformed the building from a science facility into an array of food shops.

If it feels like I've covered a lot of food-related projects lately, that would be because I have. I covered two sets by Frostivus that are also food-based only 2 months ago, and there's many other food projects that exist on the entirety of the series. If you want to get super technical, you can ingest just about anything, so I guess anything can be a food set if you have a platinum medal in mental gymnastics. But the great thing about food is just exactly how many different types there are and how many different ways you can explore it, which is precisely why it's a popular set theme for set makers. Even if the several sets of the same theme are all derivative of the same base idea and flavors (the joke is unavoidable), each one manages to feel distinct from each other in practically every way.

One such example of this set differentiating itself from other food-related sets that is noticeable right off the bat is the Bake mechanic, which provides you an alternate cheaper cost to pay for a card in exchange for getting it out later rather than now. Proper baking takes time after all. It not only allows you to play the card for cheaper, but it can also force your opponent into playing in a specific fashion for a while in anticipation of your Bake card effect, which you can then possibly take advantage of given the right setup.

Who's ready to dig in? Let's hand off the mic to Mr.Stupid to tell us about this very much not-stupid creation.

What exactly is this set about? What is the inspiration for the set theme?

Mr.Stupid: "This set was kinda meant to be a return to form tone wise. Last year we had this major story with a lot of serious elements, and while it was definitely cool, when I think of Hearthstone, I think of silliness and that’s what I tried to do here."

What is your inspiration for Bake?

Mr.Stupid: "Funnily enough it was my Artificer class and the Upgrade Keyword that inspired it. I liked the ability to drag cards to your hero and have a cool effect and eventually came up with Bake. While it is kinda like Dormant for spells, I do love the them of you just spending a turn to cook up a nasty spell for later."

What ended up being the easiest or hardest classes to design for in the set?

Mr.Stupid: "Easiest classes were definitely Demon Hunter and Shaman. They were the most fun to do thematically and finding art was a blast.

None of the classes were particularly too hard mechanically, but Druid and Hunter were a bit hard to find interesting themes for. I had initially tried to go from DH-Warrior but had to delay Hunter till the end because I couldn’t find what type of food to do."

Are there any other cards you wish to point out for any reason?

Mr.Stupid: "The first quest I made was Order Up! It was what gave me the idea of doing quests to show you making the food. It was super fun to do as the quest was a cool spin on Fel Demon Hunter.

Another one is Overcook. Not only is it a good removal spell, but it also works well with spell damage as you can buff your next spell, helping you complete the quest faster.

Lastly I would like to talk about Talk of the Tavern. I’ve been wanting to make thief priest work for a while now and I think I did it without being a meme. I also love how the reward twists the game in a way not seen before. Some people were a bit apprehensive when I first came up with it, but after talking to some more tech savvy players, they said it could be done."

Do you have anything behind the scenes you want to share with us?

Mr.Stupid: "I tried making this set once before but dropped it after I started working on Artficer. It originally had dual class cards like Murloc Shaman and Paladin, and Spell Damage Hunter and Mage. I even brought over some cards from the original version like some of the Hand Size cards for Mage like Millhouse Coneisseur."

Do you have anything else you want to share with us?

Mr.Stupid: "Yeah. I’m pretty excited for another year of card making. I got ideas for Artificer and I’m working on a new custom class that’ll be ready very soon."

Does the food look delicious? Well, that's just the appetizer. We've got the main course and the dessert by clicking the link below where we have even more. Your stomach is craving. Your mouth is watering. You can hardly continue to bear it. It's only a click away.