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No discussion of our brand new expansion in this week's Conversation, but those Locations sure are something to think about!

Master Crafter

Congratulations to Demonxz95 for winning the latest WCDC with their Stringpuller!

We look forward to seeing what theme they come up with for next week!

Bob's Tavern... of DOOM!

We return to the end of the world with KingKuba's "Bringers of Doom" custom set in the latest Fan Community Spotlight. This time, however, we're headed to the Battlegrounds to see what fun the set brings to the mode.

It's a pretty novel idea to have an entire Battlegrounds update accompany a custom expansion, but it's also something that makes a lot of sense to do if you're up to the challenge. While the game mode plays very differently from regular Hearthstone, the design team does a great job of interweaving ideas from the expansion into Battlegrounds.

Sure, Nagas play in a completely novel space appropriate to the format, but they're also tied intrinsically to spells just like their regular Hearthstone counterparts.

KingKuba has chosen to take their Doom Clock mechanic and transfer it over to Battlegrounds with appropriately tweaked designs, and I think it works surprisingly well. I think you'd find it rather rare that a set mechanic manages to bridge the two game modes with so little changes, but in this case it just works.

The expansion also comes with some new custom Heroes and fancy cosmetics for Battlegrounds players to enjoy, so make sure you click the link above to read the interview and find more links to the rest of the content!

Incremental Improvement

We're all about getting better here, and our cards are no different! Click the banner below to see more in the latest Competition.