How are we feeling about spoiler season so far? It's been interesting to see some classes focus quite heavily on specific concepts, arguably more so than they have in the past. I don't necessarily think that's a bad thing, as a lot of the cards still seem functional when played on their own, but it is something to think about as a custom card designer.

Conversation this week? Well, let me tell you, it's certainly being written!

Love On Top

Congratulations to the winner of the latest WCDC, BloodMefist and their Bad Romance!

Look forward to their idea for next week's theme!

Prophecy Fulfilled

It's been a string of updates for the Fan Community Spotlight recently, and the latest is no exception. We return to LarryMoments for an addition to their "The Dawn Cataclysms" expansion - an entire Mini-Set, "Conspiracy Under The Cracks"!

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LarryMoments took an interesting approach to designing this Mini-Set. Instead of taking the opportunity to expand upon themes or archetypes from the original expansion, they leant into the flavour of conspiracies and secrets, taking each class in separate unexpected directions. It's something that never would have occurred to me to do, and while I do think something is lost without a stronger connection, I have to applaud the creativity of the idea.

Too often you can get bogged down by doing something 'the way you're supposed to'. The great part about custom design is being free from the logistics and practicalities of actual game design - sure, there's aspects of it that you'd be a fool not to emulate, but why not take the opportunity to do something crazy that might never get off the ground in the actual game? For a long time, that's what custom classes were; fun ideas for new classes that we never thought they'd actually implement, because it was hard to envisage how the developers would insert a new class into the game in a way that would be good for both them and the player.

They managed to figure out a new class, so who knows? Maybe your pet idea or off-the-wall theming suggestion isn't as out there as you might think. Might as well make it now and let others enjoy your vision so you too can be a Prophet at some point.

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Transformative Work

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