Hello everybody and welcome to another Fan Community Spotlight. We are back covering KingKuba's Bringers of Doom custom set for the third time! I covered the main set on the 19th of June, and Battlegrounds on the 3rd of July, and I'm now covering Duels and Mercenaries today on the 24th of July. This isn't the final time this expansion will show up either because I'll still be covering the mini-set.

Both Duels and Mercenaries are being covered together in this one part because there isn't particularly enough content to justify its own part for either of the two modes. It's hard to make a lot of content for these unless you really know the intricacies of the mode incredibly well, which I will admit that I do not. If I were to try to make my own cards for Duels or Mercenaries, then I'd probably be quite lost, as I don't know either of those modes nearly as well as I know the regular game or even Battlegrounds. While Hearthstone is a game that contains many diverse ways of playing, much of the game's core is still built on the regular Constructed mode, and thus is the mode that most people will be the most familiar with. While the other game modes still have aspects of normal Hearthstone built into them, they are very different beasts at heart.

The set's mechanic, Doom Clock, still remains in both modes. If you haven't read either parts 1 or 2 for... some reason, what Doom Clock cards do is they create a timer that counts turns, and if that timer reaches 0, you automatically lose the game. Certain cards can stop the timer, add turns to the timer, or give you a beneficial effect based on having the timer active.

At this point, we're ready to see what hell we've raised for these two game modes. So, here we go!

What is it like to design for Duels and Mercenaries?

KingKuba: "Welcome to Bringers of Doom Part 3! Hopefully you went through Part 1 (Main Set) and Part 2 (Battlegrounds). As always, remember to leave some feedback!

Designing for Duels and Mercs was almost as refreshing as it was for Battlegrounds, although it took some time to get sure the balance was alright, since both modes are not something I play often if ever. Although it was really cool to compare my ideas with how are Duels heroes and Mercenaries looking!"

You've got a new Duels hero and a new Mercenary. How did you arrive on the final designs?

KingKuba: "In Duels we've got Jimmy - a young Doomsayer and a former desciple of Doombearer Seir; a Fire Mage influenced by a Warlock Bringer. That why he's a Dual-class Mage/Warlock. Then, when deciding on Hero Powers and Signature Treasures, I looked at overall theme and mechanics of the set, like the Doom Clock, Secrets or Fire spells. There's also an Abandoned Location in form Abandoned Dragon Cave and some existing stuff like Blood Fury or Shroomsayer picked as Signature Treasures.

In Mercenaries we've got our good old nameless Doomsayer. As of right now, there's no Blood Elf synergies in Mercenaries and the classic Doomsayer we know is a Blood Elf, so that was made into Spread the Word ability. Other ones simply focus on Fire spells - Firestarter and Doom Blast, with Doom Blast being, well... more hardcore of the two. Naturally, this Merc is also a Caster with no Attack but a lot of Health."

Do you have anything behind the scenes you want to share?

KingKuba: "There's nothing else I have to hide now. But just to let you know - Mini-Set is done and ready for the potentially final part of this interview!"

Do you have anything else you wish to share?

KingKuba: "As before, here are all the links you need:
- Here's the entire Bringers of Doom project with everything (besides the upcoming mini-set);
- Here are all 135 main set cards put nicely into one place;
- Here's the Bringers of Doom pack opening if you want to have some fun with it;
- And here are my old interviews: Remastered Rastakhan's Rumble up to current card power level standards (+Added Demon Hunter) and my previous biggest custom expansion, Escape from Elwynn!

Thank you for this shorter one! Get ready for THE END to ACTUALLY COME!"