What time is it? It's Noon EST on a Sunday which means that it's time for another Fan Community Spotlight. This time around we've got a set themed around manipulation of time. If you know me, then you'll know that I've had my Time Traveler class that I've been continually updating for nearly 5 years now (which you should totally check out by the way), so I'm already quite a big fan of this theme.

The set in question is called Battle of Time Valley made by RenoLord who last appeared on the series 2 years ago on Fan Community Spotlight #21, and today he's back on Fan Community Spotlight #111. It truly has been quite the jump in time (quite fitting, I know).

This set doesn't have its own keyword associated with it, but it does have its own significant Legendary cycle to go with it. Every class receives a Legendary minion with an effect that happens at the start of the game, and these come in two varieties. You have some of them that are like Therazane the Stonemother which give you a little bonus if you build your deck in a certain way, and others are like Gnarlroot, giving you benefits without a deckbuilding requirement, but also giving you a downside for the rest of the game that you'll be forced to deal with.

Now it's... time... to give the spotlight over to RenoLord.

What exactly is this set about? What is the inspiration for the set theme?

RenoLord: "The set is mostly about the two Time Travelling factions in WoW the Bronze and the Infinite Dragonflight. The set came about and was inspired notably by the fact by the fact Toki was absent from the Core-Set this year despite the fact the other three Monster Hunt heroes all appeared in it(Tess Greymane, Darius Crowley and Houndmaster Shaw) all appeared in it which made me wanna design a set around the missing Toki."

Each class is notably getting a Start of Game Legendary in the set. How did these evolve into the way that they did?

RenoLord: "The Start of Game cards came about to thematically as a way to show how powerful the Time-Travel is. That it can even break the game and always make an impact even if the card itself is never drawn. Overall some of my favourite are cards are the these Start of Game effects such as Dimensius, Korialstrasz, Nexus-King Salhadaar."

How was it to design the set as a whole? What was the hardest part about it and how did you overcome it?

RenoLord: "The main themes came about easily. Of course there are Dragons such as Epoch Hunter, Bronze Drake, Chromagos etc. There are big powerful potentially game-breaking effects such as Infinite-Proto Drake and Vulpera Timemage, and to balance them out there 'Tax' Effects such as Aeonus the Overlord and Timeline Guardian. Each representing the Timewarping abilities of the Dragonflights. There are also cards from the 'past' and the 'future' like Primordial Stegosaurus and Thermonius the Enhanced. As for difficulties I'd say finding the right art for cards can sometimes be hard, but most difficult is designing the cards especially towards the end when new Mechanics and Thematics don't come as easily, and you as with most things in life just kinda have to push through that."

Toki the Temporal in particular stands out for being the only Legendary hero of the set. What is its significance to the set as a whole?

RenoLord: "Toki the Temporal was the very first card I designed for the set. One of my favourite things during the Year of the Raven was each expansion getting a powerful new Hero(Hagatha the Witch, Dr. Boom, Mad Genius, Zul'jin) and I wish they kept the trend going."

Are there any other cards you wish to showcase for any reason?

RenoLord: "Just one Nozdormu Timeline Master is probably my favourite card I designed not just for this set, but maybe ever. It just feels so elegant."

Do you have anything behind the scenes that you wish to share? and Do you have anything else you wish to share?

RenoLord: "Probs not much. I guess just have a good day if you got this far. Oh and wait for the Mini-Set I have cooking up."

Welp, our time is up! We have now reached the end of this installment, but there's a lot more to the set that you see. You can click the banner below to check out the entire set. I'll see you all next time!