We've got a round of hotfixes going out tonight on the Hearthstone servers and with it, several bug fixes including balance adjustments for Battlegrounds and Duels. This round of fixes will also include the previously mentioned disabling of Castle Nathria quests that players were receiving for their dailies and weeklies, even though it was not possible to complete them easily (the exception being Duels). Read on for all the details!

Keep in mind that this is a server-side patch, so no download is required. It may take some time to go live in your region though so if you aren't immediately seeing these changes, give it a bit!

Quote From GnomeSayin

We are currently in the process of rolling out a server-side hotfix with the following updates:

Balance Change:

  • Grease Bot is being temporarily removed from the Battlegrounds minion pool.

Bug Fixes and Game Improvements:

  • Fixed a bug where “Reveal a minion in each deck” (aka “jousting”) cards could reveal spells instead of minions.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the Hats on Hats on Hats achievement from progressing.
  • Promoted Deck Swabbie to the Pirate minion type in Duels.
  • Temporarily disabled players from rolling Quests based on the new Murder at Castle Nathria mechanics until after the expansion launches. Players who have already rolled those Quests can re-roll them, save them until the expansion launches, or complete them in Duels.