The latest shop update has brought new deals for not only Constructed and Battlegrounds, but Mercenaries as well. Let's dive into the plethora of items available!


As a reminder, Hearthstone has got a new currency that can be used to buy everything available in the in-game shop. If you want to learn more about their pricing, check out the table below.


You can find monetary conversions of the Runestones to selected currencies below:

500 4.99 6.25 3.99 610
1000 9.99 12.49 8.99 1220
1500 14.99 18.99 12.99 1840
2000 19.99 24.99 16.99 2440
5000 49.99 62.99 44.99 6100
8000 79.99 99.99 69.99 10000

As you may have noticed, the biggest bundles aren't actually the cheapest option to obtain Runestones. While the prices of USD/EUR bundles aren't radically different, in GBP you'd be losing a relatively high amount of money if you bought anything but the cheapest bundle. We've bolded the best deals in each currency in the table above for your convenience.

Pack Bundles

Not a pack bundle if we're being honest, but the Mini-Set is once again purchasable in full with either "normal" version or fully Golden:

  • Regular Mini-Set - 1500 Runestones ($14.98) or 2000 gold
  • Golden Mini-Set - 7000 Runestones or $69.99

The Wild bundles from the last two weeks were allowed to stay for this week as well:

  • Golden Wild Bundle (3 Golden legendaries and 20 Golden Wild packs): 7000 Runestones ($69.98)
  • Wild Bundle (2 legendaries and 25 Wild packs): 2000 Runestones ($19.99)

Additionally, each Standard expansion got an offer for Golden packs. The pricing for all expansions is naturally the same, and the packs are purchasable with either Runestones or real money:

  • 5 Packs - 2000 Runestones or $19.99
  • 11 Packs - 4000 Runestones or $39.99
  • 23 Packs - 8000 Runestones or $79.99
  • 30 Packs - 10000 Runestones or $99.99

Constructed Skin Bundles

A new skin bundle, Cookin' & Bakin' Bundle, arrived in the shop with the new update. It contains hero skins for Hunter (Brann) and Mage (Reno), as well as 5 Class packs for each aforementioned class, and a special card back. The whole thing comes with a price tag of 2500 Runestones ($24.98).

The two newest anime-inspired bundles for Paladin (Liadrin) and Mage (Kael'thas) were also allowed to stay in shop - both bundles contain 5 Class packs and can be bought for 1000 Runestones ($9.99)

Bold Guardian Liadrin Card Image Wicked Prince Kael'thas Card Image

Battlegrounds Bundles

Battlegrounds got a new bundle as well - Murlocized. Including a Murloc Bob bartender and Murloc-themed skins for Overlord Saurfang, Queen Wagtoggle, Shudderwock, and King Mukla, the bundle will cost you 1000 Runestones ($9.99).

Additionally, the previous emote bundle and strike have been replaced with new ones (Murloc'in Out and Murloc Mayhem, respectively), and can be purchased with 500 Runestones.

The paid Season Pass also remains available with 1500 Runestones or the equivalent amount of real money ($14.99).

Battlegrounds Season Pass Skins

Tuxedo Bob Card Image Dark Flight Malygos Card Image Magic Guardian Elise Card Image Nozdormu, Time Warden Card Image

Adventure Beauty Reno Card Image Shadow Helm Saurfang Card Image Mystical Mentor Nguyen Card Image Bigglesworth, Feline Guide Card Image

George the Fated Card Image Omencaller Prestor Card Image Dawn Guardian Varden Card Image Spellbound Baz'hial Card Image

AF Kitsune Card Image Deal Speaker Blackthorn Card Image Secret Destiny Aranna Card Image Spellwinder Toki Card Image

Mercenaries Bundles

But wait, there's more! The arrival of 14 Mercenaries meant new deals for the Mercs shop as well, with two new bundles containing some of the renowned new characters in them.

The smaller of the two, Inspector Murloc Bundle, comes with a price tag of 2500 Runestones ($24.98) and is aimed at a one specific legendary Mercenary - Murloc Holmes. It includes the Mercenary itself, a legendary portrait, 300 Murloc Holmes coins and 5 Mercenaries packs.

The larger bundle, Medivh's Menagerie Bundle, contains three different Mercenaries and 200 Mercenaries coins for each - Medivh, Khadgar, and Garona Halforcen. Additionally, 15 Mercenaries packs are included to justify the price tag of 4000 Runestones ($39.98).

To help gathering the necessary coins for the new Mercenaries, two coin bundles with 3 x 300 coins for random NEW mercenaries were also added, each costing 1000 Runestones ($9.99).

Are you planning to buy - or perhaps already have - Golden packs or any of the new bundles? Let us know in the comments below!